Getting addicted to alcohol is a tricky process wherein most people don’t even realize that they have crossed the line and joined the alcohol addicts club. Society usually witnesses three kinds of drinkers.

The first kind is usually the ones who are seen drinking only on social occasions where they can very firmly say no to a drink if they wish to.

The second kind of drinkers is conscious or rather wise enough to realize that they have had one too many and they should take a step back from drinking.

But then there is the third kind of drinkers who have absolutely no idea about their extreme addiction to alcohol and don’t seem to view it as a problem. Their dependency on alcohol increases and they refuse to accept that it is a problem.

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Study research by MADD revealed that 1 out of every 6 teenagers binge on drinking and the use of alcohol in teenagers has potentially killed over 4,700 people in the United States. The research also found that almost half the people who met the diagnostic criteria for alcoholism were developed into addicts by the age of 21 years. Two-thirds of this population developed into an addict by the age of 25 years.

More often than not alcohol problems begin when people tend to turn to it as a stress buster because it makes them feel relaxed. The marketing of the alcohol industry is also a factor that convinces people to take on alcohol. Regular, controlled consumption of alcohol is perhaps not harmful but once changed into an addiction, it can potentially affect your health and life. Extreme consumption of alcohol affects life, as in known worldwide, but it also affects the brain and can potentially reduce the functioning of the nervous system.

Some scientists are also researching how genetics play a role in a person’s tendency to get addicted to alcohol. There are theories that suggest that a possible genetic predisposition may be able to explain alcoholism in some people.

What’s next?

The best solution to alcoholism and alcohol-abusing is seeking help. Give the licensed professionals at Inspire Thailand a chance to help you overcome your problem with high-quality treatments.