The hip hinge is used in a number of exercises including the kettlebell swing, deadlifts, barbell rows, and squats, etc. To get full benefits of Hip Hinge exercise maintaining proper form and doing the hip hinge right is necessary because improper hip hinge can do serious damage to your spine. In the Hip Hinge exercise, you need to keep your shins perpendicular to the ground and the spine should also be kept aligned. It maximizes the strength produced by the spine. You must have seen a young child picking up things from the ground, it is an example of a Hip Hinge.

Benefits of Hip Hinge Exercise

Better Posture

By performing a proper hip hinge the upper arm becomes stable and solid. The movement also strengthens the small muscles & upper back and pulls the shoulders back and creates a better posture.

Stronger lower back

The hip hinge exercise makes the upper body to rotate around the hip joint. If we add external resistance in the movement, the lower back muscles also activate to counteract the force of the resistance. This makes our lower back stronger. With a stronger lower back, the chances of getting injured are decreased in sports or daily life.

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Mastery in an athletic position

Almost all sports require the athletes to feel comfortable in the “athletic position” which is the bottom phase of the hip hinge. By performing the hip hinge movement, athletes can get strong in this position and increase their efficiency in the performance.

Maximizing calories burnt

The hip hinge exercise requires the activity of several muscles like the hamstrings, the lower and upper back, the glutes and arms. When all these muscles work together, you can get the highest amount of calories burnt while performing the hip hinge for fat loss.

How To Do The Hip Hinge Exercise

To get full benefits of hip hinge exercise, the following points should be kept in mind while performing the exercise-

  1. You should stand straight. Your shoulders should be peeled back and keep your abs as tight as possible.
  2. Tilt your hips backward like you are taking a bow while keeping your torso stiff.
  3. Continue the bow until you start feeling a stretch in your hamstrings.
  4. When you feel the stretch in hamstrings, then slightly bend your knees while keeping the torso down.
  5. Reverse the procedure to get back to the normal position.

Importance of Hip Hinge Exercise

To perform a hip hinge requires strength, stability and body awareness with mobility. All these factors make the hip hinge such an important exercise to be included in your weekly training program. The hip hinge is great for the muscles that are often underused due to the modern lifestyle of general inactivity The movements such as picking up an object from the floor require a complex pattern of muscle activation and relaxation. So, the hip hinge exercise benefits the body by deliberately training these muscles for such activities


So It is easily understood that any person with whatever training goals, should perform the hip hinge exercise. It is one of the best movements to perform and it also has numerous of variations in case you get bored of doing the same exercise. So stay fit & healthy and keep taking the full Benefits of Hip Hinge Exercise.