Suffering from Hernia is quite a common instance for people of all ages. However, most individuals globally have no idea about what it is, why it happens, or where it occurs. Though these are some basic questions, answers to which one should know about the ultimate aspect, one should know how to prevent Hernia naturally.

This article simply offers an insight into this prevention topic, where an individual will know a little about Hernia along with its natural ways of prevention. Hence, without any delay, have a look at the natural prevention methods below!

1.Incisional hernia prevention steps

Two types of Hernia may occur; one of them is Incisional Hernia. It develops when a person goes through abdominal surgery. It takes place when an intestine area or some tissues push through the abdominal wall near or at the incision site.

It might develop within a maximum of 6 months or so, from the date of abdominal surgery, basically when one’s abdomen is healing. Some factors can’t be controlled like doctors’ job to limit his/her patient’s hernia risk. Moreover, Hernia develops after surgery, when an individual has poor physical health or is old.

So, when thinking about how to prevent Hernia naturally; one can do things that can control it, which is by following instructions given after discharge that minimizes the risk of Hernia. Other guidelines which one can follow to reduce risk after incision includes:

  • Taking steps for treating or preventing constipation that helps in avoiding extreme strain.
  • Opt for treatment if an individual has a base case of cough.
  • Avoid overexerting the body.
  • Limiting sneezing strain and get allergy treatment instantly if needed.
  • Don’t try activities that pressure the wound or incised areas.
  • Use gel or ointment which are prescribed for quick healing of the wound.
  • Limit or avoid if possible sexual activities till one’s injury revealed correctly.
  • Try to not gain any excessive weight.
  • Reduce or quit smoking if possible as this helps in reducing the coughing limit.
  • Avoid getting pregnant within at least six months’ time after surgery

These 10 steps apart from what the doctor instructed are the answer for how to prevent Hernia naturally. However, these steps are for those who go through surgery. The steps to prevent inguinal Hernia are different; hence, those are mentioned below.

2. Inguinal hernia prevention steps

Most people suffer from inguinal Hernia, which is why one should know how to prevent Hernia naturally. It is a state where an intestine section pushes through groin area muscle which is also called the inguinal canal. It develops because of pressure inside one’s abdomen and muscle weakness.

Though there is not much, a person can do for avoiding such muscle weakness which leads one to suffer from Hernia, but steps can be taken to reduce abdomen pressure that can prevent suffering from Hernia. Prevention steps include:

Correct exercise: People who are physically fit and active are a few particular ways that have shown that it might prevent one from getting Hernia. However, putting too much pressure on the abdominal area through exercise is not ideal always. Beneficial exercises which are perfect for staying fit and prevents from getting inguinal Hernia includes:

  • Pilates
  • Light-weights
  • Yoga
  • Aerobic activities such as running, cycling, etc.
  • Crunches or sit-ups

These are some exercises that are an ideal solution when one wants to know about how to prevent Hernia naturally.

Keeping appropriate body weight: People who are obese or overweight, their abdominal wall is under pressure always from additional body fat, when one tries to move around, stand, etc. Hence, this increases the chance of having Hernia. Hence, it is recommended that people should try to lose weight which is the best answer for how to prevent Hernia naturally.

Understandably, it is not an easy task. Still, consulting dietician, doctors, etc. will help one get a diet plan and exercise regime that will help in keeping a healthy weight and reduce the chance of suffering from Hernia.

Eat food containing a high amount of fiber: Food with high fiber content supports regular and healthy bowel movement. It prevents the chance of constipation that leads to straining, which, in turn, can increase hernia risk. Son, when one’s question is how to prevent Hernia naturally, food which can help with this include:

a. Whole Grains.
b. Vegetable Broth.
c. Fruit.
d. Legumes (dried peas and beans).
e. Seeds and Nuts.

Now you are aware of both the types of Hernia along with how one might get it. If you follow all the instructions mentioned in this article, then you already have a solution to your question about how to prevent Hernia naturally. So, if you want to ensure living a healthy life, do follow these along with consulting your doctor for the best results.