There have been quite a few women seeking breast augmentation in Cape Town lately and of course, they come from all around the world. However, contrary to some long-held beliefs, it isn’t simply a matter of “getting bigger boobs.”

There are actually quite a few reasons why women opt for breast enhancement and breast enlargement. In fact, the reasons for breast surgery are almost as varied as the women undergoing the procedures, but today we’ll look at the top 10.

1. The Kiddie Did It

A very large portion of women seeking breast enhancement are in the 30-39 age bracket and unfortunately, many of them have lost breast volume following pregnancy and short of breast enhancement, there’s no way to get breast volume back. No amount of exercise can build them back up so many women opt for implants in order to restore some of their original shape and size.

2. Father Time Always Has His Say

The second biggest group of women that undergo breast surgery are aged 40-54 because over time, gravity acts against their breasts and can cause them to look saggy or even change size. Many women in this age group find that breast augmentation makes them look and even feel younger as a simple lift can undo years of Father Time’s affects.

3. Mother Nature Strikes Again

Another big reason that women are getting breast augmentation is to correct uneven breasts. While no human body is perfect, many women with asymmetrical breasts, especially extreme cases, find that the breast enhancement procedure can be completely personalized with different implant sizes so that this asymmetry can be corrected.

4. And Again

When a woman’s breasts do not fully develop after puberty, it’s known as a Micromastia and is a medical condition that results in disproportionately small breasts. In many cases, women afflicted with it experience intense embarrassment about their figures and undergoing breast augmentation can give them a fuller figure as well as better self-confidence. 

Those that suffer from oversized breasts know that they can not only be a pain in the butt to deal with, but a literal pain the back too. Breast reduction may not be the most common breast augmentation surgery, but it definitely helps those women that are suffering from overly large breasts.

5. A Rarely Mentioned Diet Side Effect

Following significant weight loss, many women find that their breasts have lost their former fullness and perky shape. Breast augmentation provides a fuller chest while enabling dieters to retain that healthy weight and smaller waistline.

6. Looking Better Dressing Up, Or Dressing Down

Many women run into issues when purchasing bras, bikinis, blouses, and  strapless tops. With breast augmentation, they can finally get the size they’ve always wanted, eliminating those clothing problems forever. And of course, who doesn’t want to look better naked?

7. Increased Self-Esteem

When we feel that we look our best, it not only increases our self-esteem, it affects our confidence and overall quality of life. A lot of women that seek breast enlargement in Cape Town have traveled here in order to improve their positive self-image perception. A decision that can have a positive impact on countless aspects of their lives.

8. Completing Recovery

Women who’ve had a mastectomy due to a major health issue such as a breast or have lost a breast in an accident, often want to regain their former full figure. While reconstruction is a considerably more involved procedure than normal breast augmentation, it does include the placement of an implant.

9. Sexual Well-Being

According to a small study several years ago by Paulo Guimaras, a Brazilian cosmetic surgeon, women that received breast implants noticed a significant increase in their sexual well-being. He focused his study on 45 women both before and after their breast augmentation and 36 of them claimed to experience higher levels of sexual arousal and satisfaction.

10. Affordability

A hugely popular answer for why more and more women are selecting to have their breast augmentation in Cape Town is a simple one — the cost. Many women are unable to afford the high prices quoted at home and all too often we’ve met young women that had saved and saved in order to have the procedure, only to find out that it was impossible in their area due to ever-increasing costs.

That’s why a pair of accomplished, competent, and experienced plastic surgeons that operate in a fully accredited day-surgery hospital and focus on affordable breast surgery for those women is so hugely popular. No matter what the reason for undergoing breast augmentation, it should be an achievable goal for everyone.

Of course, some women decide to undergo breast surgery for a variety of other reasons and we could probably write an entire book on the subject, but these are arguably the top 10 reasons overall.