2022 is here and so are trendier nail shapes to make your fingers look leaner and chic. Worried about how they will look on your chubby fingers? Did you know that you could change the way they look by choosing the best nail shape for fat fingers?

There are countless nail shape designs to choose from when it comes to your fingers. A stunning pair of hands with well-shaped nails are every girl’s dream come true. Out of the following list, you can choose the best nail shape for fat fingers to try on; you can thank us later.

Here Is 10 Best Nail Shape For Fat Fingers You Must Try

1. The Stiletto Nails

Yes, as the name suggests just as in a pair of shoes, this nail shape is super long, sharp with pointy ends and a wider base. It is the best nail shape for fat fingers since it gives them the extra length and the pointy ends take the attention off the chubbiness of the fingers. If you want to stand out with a dramatic flourish, this is the nail shape for you.

Pro-tip: Use acrylics to complete the look and last longer. Not a practical look but you should definitely go for it if you have the confidence to pull it off!

2. The Almond Nails

Almond-shaped nails are quite popular with their elongated tips and wider bases that add volume and depth to the fingers. This works perfectly to make the fingers look slimmer and glamorous. Perfect for medium to long nails, this fits here as the best nail shape for fat fingers especially since it adds the necessary length to the nails to make them look classier.

Pro-tip: Almond-shaped nails provide a perfect canvas for decorating them with nail embellishments. Lengthy nails suit this shape the best.

3. The Oval Nails

Blunter than the almond shape, oval-shaped nails are a craze among nail enthusiasts because of their attractive feature – elongating nails both in width and length. This one is the best nail shape for fat fingers making them look pretty and strong.

Pro-tip: This is the perfect option for you if your nail beds are narrow and need width.

4. The Squoval Nails

Squoval Nails

Part-square and part-oval, this shape has a universal appeal. This classy yet modern look is soft and feminine. It is instantly flattering to your fingers, whichever size or shape they may be.

Pro-tip: Pay special attention while filing the nails into a squoval shape. The trick is to create a natural taper by connecting the sides to the gentle arcs at the tips for a smooth finish.

5. The Coffin/Ballerina Nails

Ballerina Nails

The coffin nail shape has a bit more edge than the ballerina nails but is almost identical. The sides are strongly tapered and the nail has a straight edge across the top that resembles a coffin.

Pro-tip: Go for it only if you are ready for frequent trips to the salon for its upkeep. This doesn’t sit well on natural nails since it needs length. They break easily so you will need gel or acrylic nails to strengthen it.

6. The Lipstick Nails

With diagonally slanted cuts and sharp tips, the lipstick-shaped nails are unique and grab instant attention. They make your fat fingers look cool and glamorous.

Pro-tip: This nail shape requires a lot of maintenance and if you want to make it last, it is best to add gel or acrylic overlays to them.

7. The Round-Squared Nails

Round Squared Nails

While the square-shaped nails are hardest to wear, rounding the edges off the squares can make your fingers look thinner and yet, give them a wholesome look. Not exactly a better choice than the rest, it still belongs in this list as the best nail shape for fat fingers.

Pro-tip: This works best on short nails. The round-squared nails add a softer look to your fingers and make them appear slimmer than they actually are which makes it a perfect addition to this list.

8. The Arrowhead Nails

Arrowhead Nails

The arrowhead nail shape mimics the nib of a pen but the points are softer and shorter and look a lot less extreme than the stiletto. With a sophisticated and edgy look, they sure do make a point. There is a reason why this is the best nail shape for fat fingers.

Pro-tip: Get ready to spend quality time with your nails to perfect this look. You will need to apply nail forms to your natural nails, sculpt and shape them into arrowheads and then use acrylic powders to finish the look.

9. The Edge Nails

Edge Nails

Although the name sounds edgier than the rest, this is the least aggressive of the three most fierce-looking nail shapes – the arrowhead, the stiletto, and the mountain peak. This is as unconventional as it comes and is shaped a bit like an arrowhead but much longer than one.

Pro-tip: To achieve the perfect finish, use gel or acrylic overlays. It is time-consuming but the final outcome is worth the effort.

10. The Mountain Peak Nails

A signature style of Lady Gaga, the mountain peak nail shape with a pointer and sharper look than a stiletto does pack a punch, or shall we say a ‘point’!  Long and sharp with a softer stroke to the entire look, this nail shape has glamorous and feminine written all over it.

Pro-tip: Use clippers or nail files to shape the nails at home. The best approach to achieve the perfect mountain peak nail shape is to snip the nails slightly longer than you need and then finish it off with a file.