In the ancient eon, a lot of cultures idealized small breasts. Having small breasts, women tend to look more petite and which was considered to be beautiful in then social convention. However, such a notion is changing gradually, and the globe has started to behold women every shape and sizes. Although it was appreciated earlier, it cannot be denied that it is a health issue. Scientifically it is considered to be under development, and we need to know what are the causes of small breasts size and how we can remedy it.

The simplest explanation of having small breasts can be hereditary. If the previous generations of your family shared the attributes of smaller breasts, then it is natural that you inherited the same. Other than that, scientifically, underdeveloped breasts are called “Micromastia”, which means a congenital disorder, that results in small breast size.

How to measure breast size?

measure breast size
Breasts are Measured Usually as the Size of the Bra

Before moving on to the list of causes of small breast size and what are its treatment. It’ll help to know how to measure one beforehand. It can be said that breasts are measured usually as the size of the bra. In the US, the average bra size is 34 DD; however, you should remember that it can differ from another nation. If you know the average size of breasts in your native land, it’ll help you to determine what can be considered as small and which is more prominent.

Causes of small breasts size

There can be a plethora of factors, which will reflect in the size of your breasts. Following are a few of such reasons – 

1. Weight

A primary factor that can determine the size of your breast is your body weight. It would be best if you understood that breasts are majorly composed of adipose fat. In simple words, with higher body fat will automatically result in heavier breasts.

2. Genetics

One of the primary reasons behind the causes of small breast size is genetics. A study shows that a breast size or cup size is around 57% influenced by one’s genes. 

3. Hormonal causes

As a woman grows older, her body and mind go through severe hormonal changes. If such changes occur improperly, it can drastically affect one’s breasts size.

4. Poland Syndrome

Amongst various reasons, one of the most troublesome causes of small breast size is Poland Syndrome. To put it simply, it can be said that, by Polar Syndrome, we mean a sort of disorder, which leads to underdevelopment of muscles in one part of someone’s body. Therefore, if an individual is suffering from these diseases, and it affects her chest, then she’ll have asymmetrical breasts. 

Treatment for small Micromastia

There are a few natural ways of increasing breast size, but they are not very popular or proven to be much useful. However, there are a few clinical treatments that you can opt for. Following are a few of such methods –

  • Breast implants.
  • Fat grafting.
  • Muscle flap-based reconstructive surgery.
  • Hormonal breast enhancement.

To conclude it can be said that If you are concerned about the size of your breasts, you can talk to a professional and get the required help. There are indeed many causes of small breast size, but with modern science, there are also various methods of remedy.