Excess of everything is bad! either it is food, sleep or drink.

While having your daily meal either lunch or dinner and having it in excess definitely make you uncomfortable, you might vomit the food, you might face stomach ache ad can also face anything due to overeating. In the same manner, some expert advice to avoid alcoholic drinks like beer, whiskey, wine while some advice to have them but in the limit. Do you know, a few alcoholic drinks are good for health?

Beer is an alcoholic drink which is helpful for the human body and its part but again remembers one thing, not in excess. The excess of beer is harmful to complete body part and make the person internally weak, thin and the person faces the failure of many body parts like liver failure, heart disease, kidney failure and many more.

But here we are discussing the benefits of beer for our health. Beer is helpful and counted as a health beneficiary drink because of studies who said it is good for health, in weight loss, it minimizes the risk of cancer, improves the eyesight and other.

Below we will discuss the beer health benefits in detail –

1. For Heart –

The study said that beer consumption can reduce a chance of heart diseases, as the beer has a thinning effect on blood, which reduces the chance of clot formation in the arteries. The fewer chances of getting a clot in heart reduce the chances of heart diseases.

2. Weight Loss –

There is a chemical founded in Beer named as flavonoid, which helps in reducing weight and cholesterol level.

3. Minimize the Risk of Cancer –

An antioxidant found in a beer plays a major role in preventing the human body from cancer. Beer is also counted among the good source of polyphenols, that helps in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

4. Improves Eyesight –

The damages in mitochondria are one the reason for effecting eyesight, the enzymes available in the beer, protect the eye by preventing damage in mitochondria.

5. Reduce the risk of Kidney Stones –

The study said that drinking one beer a day can reduce the chance of kidney stones by 50%, as beer contains 90% of water and water is the best remedy to control stones in the kidney. The beer contains potassium and magnesium which prevent the kidney from developing stones inside it.

6. Increase Vitamin B –

One medical journal proves that Beer is rich in Vitamin B, especially of Vitamin B6, which prevents the risk of heart disease.

These above are few of the beer health benefits, on the basis of studies done by different countries and by different universities, but all the studies only mention that the consumption of the beer should be in limit or one bottle consumption will help in preventing the body from different problems, as it contains different types of minerals, vitamins and other ingredients which is helpful to prevent human body from many diseases. As mentioned above, Beer contains 90% of water, so in other terms, we can say consuming 100% of the water will surely prevent the body from many other diseases, which beer did not do.