Everybody loves a good sleep. And your mattress has a significant role in determining the quality of your sleep. So while you may invest ample time, research, and effort in sourcing the best mattress possible for you, little thought or attention is given once you get it home!

So, appropriate care and mattress maintenance methods need to be adopted to ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free sleep for a prolonged time. And irrespective of whether you’ve bought your mattresses online or had them custom-made to suit your needs, there are some fundamental steps you can implement for an elevated experience.

Listed below are four tips to keep in mind for maintaining your mattress better:

Invest in a Good Mattress Sleeve

While a real good mattress may cost about the price of a decent, engineered wood bed, a mattress sleeve most certainly will not! Moreover, you cannot begin to imagine the perks of covering your mattress with a suitable sleeve. It can considerably reduce the chances of dust, dirt, or stains sticking to your mattress. Besides, they are much easier to wash compared to cleaning a huge mattress. So the first step is to invest in a mattress sleeve and ensure its timely cleaning to minimize an unhygienic or discomforting experience.

Vacuum Clean Your Mattress at Regular Intervals

Using detergent, wet wipes, or water to clean your bed mattress is one of the worst things you can do to it. However, it is equally important to clean the mattress by itself. So, one of the best ways you can do this is by vacuum cleaning your mattress thoroughly. This will help rid it off of any dust termites or dirt particles that may have slipped in. Moreover, doing this at regular intervals will, in turn, maximize the life span of your mattress. So, you could start by dedicating your time once every week for this and remember to spare some time post vacuum cleaning for your mattress to breathe. You can then go ahead to place the sleeve and finally lay it on the bed. Another vital thing to remember is handling your mattress with care while doing all these activities.

Opt for Professional Cleaning Services

While vacuum cleaning will ensure that your mattress is fit for everyday use, hiring a professional mattress cleaning service or expert can enhance the overall durability of your mattress. A cleaning expert is well aware of your mattress’s materials, type, and features and is equipped to do a good job cleaning while keeping all these critical factors in mind. So don’t shy away and book a professional mattress cleaning appointment at least once every six months. Besides, the tips you receive from your cleaning expert can help you tremendously in your routine mattress cleaning regime as well.

Use the Mattress Only for What It Is Meant for

Finally, most people make a common mistake while ensuring all of the above, and that is using their mattress for more than what it is meant for. For example, steer your kids from jumping on the bed and instead get them a trampoline in your backyard. And, whether you’ve picked mattresses online for your home or got them via store hunting, and whatever the salesperson told you, avoid eating or working while you’re on it as it can significantly deteriorate the quality of the fabrics.

By taking the points mentioned above into consideration, you can be sure of optimal comfort and reduce extra investment in maintaining your mattress.