There are a lot of things involved when investing in a child care centre, such as the licensing requirements, business plans, daycare facilities and childcare software. Moreover, one will require a specific capital for the initial investment in the child care centre.

The same applies to the decision to sell a child care center. Child care brokers play a significant role in many ways in such a situation. The years of hard work and commitment in the child care center should not go to waste for the child care owner while selling it.

The brokers need to have experience and the right attitude to meet these needs.

In this article, let’s learn about child care brokers and some required skills in the child care business.

Child Care Brokers and Requirements

a. Experience: It is a requirement to choose a broker with at least two years of experience in the industry. It takes 6 to 12 months to sell the child care centre after the first notice of sale. The child care owner should plan ahead of this process and contact a broker at least a year before they plan to sell. A well-experienced broker will have ease in finding out the most appropriate selling cost, which can work well with the retirement plans of the owner.

b. Certified brokers: It is best to hire brokers with certified financial planners and public accountants to have an organised approach to the whole process. It works very well instead of having brokers who take a consultative approach. It can add a structure on the transaction, to increase the after-tax of the sales and to decrease the taxes on estates.

  • When to sell: Owning a child care centre is a huge task that requires a lot of time and investment. Despite the difficulties, if one is still not tired and persistent in one’s benefits, it’s not the time to get rid of your child care centre.

Another thing to be noted is that child care businesses get sold faster when it is doing well, as there is more scope for investments and added value to the property. One must also scrutinise the situation of the economy and the financial stability of the buyers before selling.

Childcare businesses require a lot of time and effort for their fulfilment. So, when the decision to sell comes into mind, every aspect should be in such a way that the seller gains the monetary benefits equivalent to the years of hard work and determination.

  • Cost: The motto of every childcare business should be the betterment of society. It should be reflected, through the hard work and persistent effort put forward by the person who runs the child care centre. Therefore, when the appropriate time to sell arrives, the right child care broker can find the best person who can continue with the same standards. The estimated cost of the child care centre involves a lot of things, including the value of the property, demand, scope for other investments and the situation of the economy.


Child care brokers play a huge role in the profitable selling of the business establishment. Therefore, it is very crucial to find someone who can provide the services in a very efficient way. In-house proprietary and Wholesale Intelligence are two requirements in these services, which include brokerage advisory acquisition and divestment experience.