You’ve just been told your child needs braces. Or maybe you’re tired of having crooked teeth and you’ve decided to get braces for yourself.

But then you imagine the months of putting up with wires and rubber bands, or a child worried that everyone at school is going to make fun of her.

If these are some of your concerns, worry no more! Check out the best Orthodontist in Denver! At All About Braces, we make sure our parents and patients receive quality care and great value:

My daughters were very anxious to get started with braces, but now they are the ones reminding me when their appointment is coming up. They have a great time choosing colors for their braces, talking to Dr. T and his staff, and they tell me it hasn’t hurt like all their friends said it would. Great value and gorgeous teeth!!!”

Orthodontists worry about crooked teeth because they can cause serious problems. Every time you chew something, you exert 70-80 pounds of pressure per square inch on your jaw and teeth! Over time this can lead to chipped teeth or even prematurely worn-down teeth.

Braces are a commitment both in time and money. You should know why getting those braces is the right choice for correcting these problems:


Your lower jaw protrudes beyond the upper teeth, giving you an uneven biting surface.

Too Much Space Between Teeth

Can cause chewing problems, and leads to misaligned teeth because teeth will “move” to fill the gaps.


The upper teeth overlap the lower teeth by more than a couple of millimeters. This type of misalignment if unchecked can lead to TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome). TMJ can be very painful and make it difficult to chew or even speak.


There are too many teeth in your mouth! This condition can affect your ability to chew or speak normally.

Cross Bite

This condition results when your upper or lower extends too far to the right or to the left.

Open Bite

There is space between your upper and lower teeth don’t meet, which can make it difficult to eat.

Besides chipped, broken or worn teeth, these misalignment problems can lead to tooth decay and gum disease because out-of-alignment teeth are harder to brush and floss effectively.

While everyone wants to avoid serious health issues, one of the primary reasons for getting braces (particularly for adults) is to have a nice smile! If you’ve put up with crooked teeth for years, the time is right to get that smile straightened out.

Your options for braces today are much more varied than just the standard metal wires and rubber bands as used in the past. While classic metal braces are still an option, there are now ceramic braces which are less noticeable because the brackets which hold the wires are made from less obtrusive ceramic or even plastic. Wires fashioned out of clear material are also available, making braces virtually invisible. Lingual braces attach behind the teeth where they’re tucked out of sight.

So with the many options available, schedule a consult with us to find out how we can help today.