You hear about fish oil all of the time on the news, in health magazines, on talk shows… but is it really worth taking? Well, it turns out there are many wonderful reasons to take fish oil.

Improves mood. Fish oil affects serotonin levels and helps improve mood and help relieve depression. People who take fish oil supplements state they feel a boost in mood and an overall feeling of general wellness. Who doesn’t want a simple way to feel better every day?

Be less stressed. The Omega 3’s in fish oil can help suppress the hormones that cause stress. Basically, in a stressful situation, it can cause your body to release less of these stress hormones and you will be less stressed out by the situation than normal if you have been taking fish oil on a regular basis. Vitamin C is also known to have this effect so taking a bit of vitamin C through stressful times can help a lot.

Keep your joints healthy. Fish oil is a great anti-inflammatory. It plays a role in helping prevent arthritis and helps avoid too much pain after workouts. Omega 3s will help keep your joints supple and inflammation-free while helping your body deal with pain.

Increase your metabolism. Just by taking your daily fish oil you can get an extra boost to your metabolism to help you burn more calories. In addition, fish oil helps blunt insulin levels in the body. High insulin levels have been shown to make your body hold onto extra fat and store it, so fish oil both helps you burn fat and makes your body want to keep it less.

Lower blood pressure. Studies show that taking fish oil can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressures. In a study where people put on high fat and low-fat diet and were given either fish oil tablets or a placebo, it was shown that those taking fish oil had their blood pressure lowered, especially those also on the low-fat diet.

ADHD. Many studies show that fish oil can work like Ritalin for children and adults with ADHD and help them concentrate without the negative side effects of prescription ADHD medicines.

It is quick, easy, and cheap, often as simple as taking a capsule. Cod liver oil is recommended as it also has vitamin D and A. Simply take 1-2 tablespoons per day. The average cost for a month’s supply is between $5 and $15. It important to remember to take it after food for best effects.

So there you have it, a quick and easy to take the capsule that can improve your mood, help you deal with stress, keep your joints healthy, help your body deal with pain, increase your metabolism, lower your blood sugar and help you concentrate better. One wonderful supplement with so many benefits. No wonder so many people tout fish oil as the supplement you should take if you take no other supplements.