Dizziness is a feeling of lightheadedness or a sensation of a world spinning around you or you are spinning yourself. It hampers your day to day activities while creating hurdles for you to accomplish them. Some people experience symptoms of dizziness, unsteadiness and tend to faint due to various health conditions. A proper consultation of the doctor is recommended if any severe vertigo issues occur. If the condition is mild, some home remedies and treatments for dizziness restore your equilibrium and treat dizziness quite well. Dizziness home remedies can treat spinning sensations along with standard medications prescribed by doctors. Before opting for certain vertigo home remedies, it is advised to consult a doctor to kick start the regime for safe vertigo dizziness treatment at home.

Dizziness home remedies help in reducing the severity, restoring balance, and reducing the recovery times. However, the right treatments for dizziness undertaken at home can make dizziness manageable. Home remedies for vertigo are completely safe and can help in easing out the issue of vertigo or dizziness at home. Have a look at some dizziness or vertigo home remedies & alternative treatments for dizziness.

Gulp a glass of water before a meal

Intake of a sufficient amount of fluids to wash away the toxins from the body while keeping you healthy.

A drop in the blood pressure level is associated with feelings of dizziness and lightheadedness. Drinking a glass of water before consuming your meal prevents dizziness and a condition termed as postprandial hypotension. If the body doesn’t get a sufficient amount of water each day as prescribed by nutritionists, it can further result in other ailments in the body. Drinking water before meals is counted as one of the most effective dizziness home remedies.

Ginger tea can work wonders

Ginger is counted as one of the effective ingredients that help in relieving symptoms of dizziness. Ginger tea does wonder when we talk about treating dizziness with home remedies. A survey has reported that ginger root can reduce the vertigo effects. Drinking ginger tea is one of the best and most effective vertigo dizziness treatments at home. Drinking ginger tea prevents dizziness and other symptoms of vertigo. Just sip the tea twice a day and let the magic spell.

Consume foods that are rich in Vitamin C, E & D

Eating a diet rich in vitamin A, C & D is the best vertigo dizziness treatment at home. Adding an adequate amount of nutrients in your daily diet is the best treatment for dizziness at home.

 Researchers found that patients suffering from vertigo and dizziness tend to reduce their symptoms when they consumed meals rich in Vitamin A, C & D.

If a person is suffering from Meniere’s disease, intake of foods rich in vitamin C can reduce vertigo. Whereas Vitamin C prevents circulation problems and Vitamin B is effective in improving your condition after BPPV attacks.

Eat high fiber foods

A drop in blood sugar level leads to dizziness. Various dizziness home remedies can be followed to prevent dizziness. Eating a slow-digesting, high-fiber foods can prevent a person from feeling dizzy. One must include protein-rich foods such as whole grains, beans, fish, etc.

Include almonds in your daily diet

Intake of almonds prevents dizziness, nausea and some symptoms of vertigo as well. Almonds are rich sources of vitamins A, B, and E which helps in preventing various vertigo symptoms. Regular intake of almonds is counted amongst the best vertigo home remedies.

A daily dose of apple cider vinegar

It has been proved in studies that apple cider vinegar and honey can be used in vertigo treatment at home. It controls a blood sugar level that leads to feelings of dizziness. A daily dose of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water is one of the best measures for vertigo treatment at home.

Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking a sufficient amount of water and keeping your body hydrated is a must to prevent vertigo. Dehydration can trigger symptoms of vertigo and dizziness. A minimum intake of 8 cups of liquid per day is essential for a body to function properly. Keeping your body hydrated is the best treatment for dizziness and it will prevent your body from other toxins as well.


Acupressure can activate your body while making you feel relaxed. It is soothing and is one of the treatments for dizziness. A soothing relaxation is the major goal of acupressure. Doctors are even recommending acupressure as a home remedy for treating vertigo, as it helps in managing vertigo by stimulating pressure points.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a Chinese medicine that is used for treating the symptoms of dizziness.

Exercises are just the best

Exercises give great relief in solving any ailments as it makes the body move or stretches in the right direction. It is considered as one of the most common and effective home remedies for vertigo. It is a difficult task to follow your exercise regime when you feel dizzy. Consultation of your doctor is recommended for the best exercises that can help you heal issues of vertigo or dizziness at home. Your doctor will guide the best exercises, seeing your medical history and suiting your prevailing conditions.

Medications that treat dizziness

If the symptoms of vertigo are not cured by following certain vertigo home remedies, then seeking medical advice is a must. To prevent the condition from getting worse, prescribed medications by doctors are recommended. There are different medicines to treat the underlying cause of different levels of vertigo. Some common medicines that are generally prescribed by doctors are Vertin Tablet, Stugeron Forte Tablet, Stemetil Tablet, Meclizine Tablet, etc. It is advised by doctors to take a course of medicine for 3-5 days to suppress vertigo. There are certain precautions and side effects associated with the medicines. Don’t just gulp it without consulting an expert doctor & diagnosing your cause of vertigo.

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