If you’re sick and tired of staying indoors because of the pandemic and are craving to go and do some activity then might we suggest taking up running? This activity will allow you to enjoy the outdoors, get fresh air, and also be able to do a cardio workout. Running is a very healthy hobby to indulge in and it might be the most positive habit you develop this year.

It improves blood flow and blood circulation in your body; it loosens up your muscles and joints, gets your heartbeat running, and allows you to mentally focus on your surroundings. If you’re not big on doing hardcore exercises then running for 20 to 30 minutes each day will be sufficient for you. So buy a new pair of supple and breathable running shirts and go out for a run today! We are sure you will enjoy it a lot.

However if you’re a beginner that we warn you that taking up running is not as easy as the movies might like you to believe! Sure it is windy and you get fresh air but you also will feel like running out of breath very quickly and strong stabs of pain in your throat as you gasp for water! But they don’t let that discourage you in any way! It gets better, plus we have compiled a few breathing exercises you can try and it will definitely become easier for you in no time!

Breathe through the Nose and Exhale through the Mouth

This is not a breathing exercise necessarily, but it is a very important breathing technique when you are doing any kind cardio workout. Many researchers and trainers emphasize on the importance of inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

This breathing technique allows oxygen to enter all the way through your nose into your lungs and when you exhale from the mouth the air will have made an entire round through your lungs and this way you make use of the maximum amount of your breathing muscles. This technique also is the most efficient way of distributing oxygen in your body and releasing toxins from your body.

This is a basic technique of breathing not subjected just to running but will prove to be extremely helpful for those who are going to take up running for the first time.

If you’re running on your own and outdoors then you will find plenty of time to think and absorb the nature around you. But this will also give you an excellent reason to try out different breathing exercises that will make your run more worthwhile and also prove to be extremely healthy for your body. Focusing on breathing while your body is activated and the blood is pumping through your veins? What a wonderful way of rejuvenating yourself!

1. Mindful Breathing

This form of breathing just allows you to focus solely on inhaling and exhaling so you can feel the process of the air entering your body through your nose, hold on to it! Then slowly release it through your mouth but really feel the air exiting your body. A more positive way of breathing this way is if you imagine good quality air entering your body and a black smoke that represents toxins, bad thoughts, insecurities and anxieties leaving your body.

Try this technique, it might take you a few times to get used to it but we promise you it’s an excellent form of mental exercise.

2. Rhythmic Breathing

This form of breathing lets you take control of your lungs and balances out your breaths. In this form you create a pattern of breathing that synchronizes with your running. So for example you breathe in for three steps and then breathe out for the next two steps you take. This will create a breathing pattern that will allow you to remain focused on one thing, breathing! But this will prove again to be an excellent form of mental exercise as you will be concentrating on your body.

3. Short Huffing Breathing

This form of breathing will never let you be out of breath during your entire run! However this form of breathing requires time to learn and can be achieved by constant practice and stamina build up. In this form of breathing you inhale for the same short amount of time as you exhale. So for you will inhale for 1 second and then will immediately exhale it out. We call this huffing breathing because you will be making a lot of huffing sounds when you breathe like this!

However, this form of breathing raises your heartbeat makes your cardio workout more efficient and you never go out of breath!