There are several products in the markets used widely as weight-loss agents. The diet supplement pills contain distinctively different components, which, in essence, come with varying modes of action. Some people would wish to mix two or more dietary supplements to achieve a faster outcome or for any other reason. There are dangers associated with mixing products, especially those with medicinal compounds, without first understanding if it is safe to combine the products.

Drug interactions come sometimes result in dangerous health. Combining two products, in the case of diet supplements, can also result in reduced efficacy of one or more of the products. In other instances, some product complements each other when used together, resulting in better outcomes and enhanced effectiveness. This feature focuses on two products, Alli and Lipozene, both dietary supplements, and if it is safe to mix the products.

What are Alli and Lipozene?

The two products, Alli and Lipozene, are effective and renowned diet supplements used in weight loss. The products contain different structures, thereby, have distinct efficacy, mode of action, and documented side effects. Understanding the way of action and ingredients contained in the products will rule out the possibility of dangerous interactions between the two.

Lipozene has the natural product glucomannan fiber, a derivative of the konjac plant, as its key ingredient. Other components of Lipozene include stearic acid, gelatin, and magnesium silicate. Glucomannan, the core ingredient in Lipozene, is a super water-absorbent agent, which forms the basis of the function of the product. By absorbing water from the meal, the result is that one will feel full faster, reducing the urge to take in more calories. The result of a reduced appetite is weight loss. Lipozene also comes with several other health benefits that include the elimination of constipation because of the high fiber content. Other benefits include reduced risks of heart diseases and diabetes and improved gut health. The known side effects of Lipozene, although limited, include nausea, loose stools, and generalized abdominal discomfort.

Alli, on the other hand, contains Orlistat as its main ingredient. The drug works by limiting the absorption of fat into the body, which eventually translates to weight loss. The active ingredient in Alli, Orlistat, inhibits the function of lipase, the enzyme that promotes the absorption of fats in the small intestines into the bloodstream. The fats not absorbed into the body are later expelled out from the body. The documented side effects in people using Alli include loose and more frequent stools, excess fats in the stool, abdominal pain, and discomfort.

Is it safe to combine Alli and Lipozene?

The fact that Lipozene contains the all-natural glucomannan as its core ingredient means that it is a safe product that can easily combine with Alli. There is no documented research or studies carried out on combining Alli and Lipozene; thereby, a mixture of the two will purely be experimental. It is important to note that with no known or documented side effects when combining Lipozene and Alli, the possibility of pronounced effects is likely.

The other challenge that arises when combining Lipozene and Alli, other than the possible side effects, is the dosage adjustment. It is hard to ascertain if there is a need to adjust the dosage of either or both products when using them together.

Another question that may arise when combining Alli and Lipozene is when to take your pill, is it before, with or after meals? The recommendation is that you take your Lipozene diet supplement at least 30 minutes before a meal. Alli is taken with a meal or at least one hour after taking a fat-containing meal.

The dangers of drug interactions between Lipozene and Alli do not exist, but other questions in regards to dosage and possible side effects arise. While the possibility of using the two products for weight reduction is alive, it is essential to note that the effectiveness of both or either of the products is dependent on other factors. When using Alli or Lipozene, it is imperative that you maintain a healthy diet and engage in physical exercise to enhance the efficacy of the product. You should also ensure you take your dietary supplements with plenty of water for proper function.


While no danger exists in mixing Lipozene with Alli, it is essential to note that there are no proven studies carried out to promote the same. You must stick to the laid out recommendation from the manufactures for enhanced drug performance and guaranteed results as I gathered based on the following Alli and Lipozene page which I am subscribed to their daily newsletter.