Learn why most doctors are dead wrong about Depression and what you can do about it!”

 Millions of people around the world suffer from some form of depression and anxiety in their lifetime. Let’s face it; life today isn’t easy. With less time and more working hours in many people’s lives, the struggle to stay on top of paying the day to day bills continues. Statistics show that the average adult in The United Kingdom and the USA spend more time worrying about money, health, and loved ones than ever before.

Society has become a race to get to work, to earn money, to pay ever-increasing taxes. To survive, put food on the table for your family, and stay on top has become a job in itself. As our countries continue to develop, more and more pressure is put on families financially. Would it be wrong for me to say that around 80% of US and UK Residents are depressed in some form?

Who knows, but look around you, it has now become less and less common to see those friendly faces, especially in the built-up cities. The fact is, people today are rushed for time, pressured into work, and many parents find it very stressful to spend that much needed loving time with their children.

 Let’s be honest here, many people around the world don’t even have time to get three nutritional meals each day – Believe it or not, many people who are in full-time employment rely on fast foods, quick snacks, and pre-made sugar loaded cereal bars as part of their daily diets.

 So what does this have to do with being anxious and depressed…

Studies have shown that anxiety and depression in many individuals are related to nutrient deficiencies in the brain and nervous system. It is not uncommon to find that this is combined with an overload of toxins, causing natural brain chemical deficiencies, and brain impulse and neurotransmitter malfunction.

The results of this are Negativity, low energy and low self-esteem, all of which are symptoms and may stem from such nutritional imbalances.

On top of this, when people start showing the signs of depression and anxiety, they turn to doctors who often give out anti-depressants for the treatment of depressive and emotional illness. The fact is many people rely on these prescribed medications for treating their depression or anxiety. Unfortunately, many of these medications can have terrible side effects. Some of them have even been found to cause side effects such as suicidal tendencies. We thought these drugs were designed to support your health, not impair it!

 Moreover, these medications that are being prescribed across the world have been shown only to suppress symptoms and dull your mental abilities. They do not fight the inner root of the problem, they never have, and the fact is – they probably never will while they rely on the same kinds of ingredients used. The bottom line is that they do not help to correct and heal your problem.

Why is it that doctors seem to love prescribing drugs to treat your problems?

The fact is, just like you and I, they are still human at the end of the day.

Doctors only have so many working hours where they have to get through so many patients in that giving time. Most of them rely on medical establishments to inform them of the required treatments for certain ailments. Generally speaking, this information mainly comes from sources such as:

  • Professional Related Associations,
  • Journals that are medical related,
  • The countries Government,
  • Doctors themselves,
  • And a host of various Drug Companies.

We have learnt that the drug companies themselves influence most of these sources. This comes back to the saddest part of all; making money seems to come before improving people’s health and overall well being. Whatever you may think, these drug companies are making millions.

We here have concluded that these points above are part of the reason why natural non-pharmaceutical remedies get very little attention from the medical profession as a consumer reports sad lights whole.

The fact is, there are no powerful establishments of the same interests promoting the benefits of many natural, effective treatments available. We as a society have become accustomed to going to the doctors, discussing our problems and then being prescribed with some form of anti-depressant drug to alleviate our symptoms. There are no huge advertising budgets, or high-pressure salespeople promoting the benefits or the effectiveness of many of the best natural treatments available. This is unfortunate because many of these natural treatments may be more effective than the anti-depressant drugs themselves.

It’s rare to be honest – that you will find a doctor that is open to natural treatments; usually, you will only find a doctor who has taken a personal interest in natural treatments or has been introduced to effective natural formulas through a family member.