Endodontics works with the nerve or pulp of the teeth. The procedures effectively treat people who have issues with their dental roots and dental tissues. Dentists who specialize in endodontics usually require additional training and certifications in almost every state including California.

Huntington Beach, CA, has a population of close to 198,765, and several dental specialists offer services to the city’s residents. Hence, you will have little trouble finding a good doctor specializing in endodontics in Huntington Beach, with its excellent infrastructure facilities and growing economy.

Who Needs Endodontic Surgery?

Endodontic surgery can be used to resolve a variety of problems. They specifically target issues that don’t show up on x-rays. A deeper issue that may inflict the canal may not be visible and may require more advanced inspection. If you have a toothache, but everything looks fine on preliminary inspection, the problem may be with your roots, nerves, or pulp. 

Your toothache could result from an infection that you developed after dental surgery or a root canal. Generally, root canals are a permanent solution and don’t need follow-up procedures. However, there are low chances of developing infections. An endodontist can treat such infections.

Endodontics is also used in root-end resection procedures to reduce or eliminate inflammation or when the canal is too small because of calcium deposits. 

Types of Endodontic Procedures

Endodontic procedures are used to repair teeth and restore their natural health. The procedures are generally not complicated and can be done in a few hours. 


Pulpectomy aims to disinfect the infected tooth thoroughly. When the doctor identifies an infection inside the tooth, he/she sedates the area surrounding the infected tooth. The doctor then removes the infected nerve or pulp entirely, after which he/she thoroughly disinfects the tooth with chemicals. Once the doctor applies the disinfectant, he/she seals the tooth for good. Stats show you can choose from over 256 dental specialists in Huntington Beach if you want to get a pulpectomy done. 

Root Canal 

Endodontists use root canal surgery to remove infections that affect the insides of the tooth. The specialist removes the infected nerve or pulp, cleans the teeth, and then fills the gap. Root canals take a maximum of one hour to perform. The procedure is done after numbing the area with local anesthesia and is generally painless. Patients recover from the procedure in a day or two. 


This procedure is done when the doctor cannot solve the issue with root canal surgery. Apicoectomy is performed by repairing the tip of the dental root. It is a minor procedure used to remove infections or rots. The procedure does not take longer than two hours, and patients can go home immediately after the surgery is done. Your dental specialist may ask you to refrain from eating boiling food or very solid food for two days to avoid pain.

Find an experienced endodontic specialist.

Endodontics in Huntington Beach tends to be slightly more expensive than in other cities. Only 8.9% of the total population of the city lives below the poverty line. However, the city has advanced dental clinics that use the best technology and the latest tools for endodontic procedures.