Like all commercials, one must be able to separate truth from advertising hype. Commercials are not meant to provide all the facts but to sell a product. They can only do this by exaggerating some of the information.

Not Possible to Just Take a Pill

One of the biggest hypes in the Lipozene commercial is that an individual can lose weight by just taking two Lipozene capsules 30 minutes before each of three meals. It also says there is no need to change your lifestyle—don’t have to change the way you eat or perform any kind of exercise. I have always wondered how this is possible. If you continue to eat the same foods in the same quantity, how are you going to lose weight? The key to weight loss is to take in fewer calories than you burn. This brings up another point: how can you burn calories without exercising? Yes, daily life will allow you to burn some calories but probably only enough to prevent weight gain.

In spite of what the commercial says, the best way to be successful with Lipozene is to reduce your calorie intake with healthy foods, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water. It’s also essential to know which exercise routine is best for boosting your metabolism and burning calories. If you choose to walk, you need to engage in brisk walking and not leisurely walking.

Burning Fat

Another claim is that 78 percent of the weight you lose with Lipozene is from fat. I believe this is also an exaggerated claim since fat burning requires eating the right foods and choosing exercises that boost the metabolism while also burning fat. No pill can burn fat by itself; there has to be a lifestyle change in the form of exercise and a healthy diet. Some foods are known to burn fat such as fatty fish, green tea, and full-fat Greek yogurt.

Exercises that burn fat are also important additions to simply taking Lipozene. Walking, running, riding a bicycle, and bicycle exercise are good examples. When you add these activities together, you have the best chance for a successful weight loss program. The lack of freshwater can cause the body to go into water retention and thus lead to weight gain, so it’s also important to drink plenty of water.


While some people may be able to lose weight using Lipozene, it is not possible to do it by just taking a pill; this is contrary to what the commercial says. The same is true of burning fat—it takes more than just a pill. This doesn’t mean you won’t lose any weight by just taking Lipozene, but in order to achieve any substantial weight loss, you will need to have an exercise program and reduce the number of calories you consume. Having a healthy lifestyle is the key to losing weight, and with the additional fiber in Lipozene, this can be possible as long as you make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle as well.