Every supermarket seems to have a section for organic produce now. This leaves more people wondering about the pros of buying organic foods. Organic food isn’t limited to produce either, you can buy organic meat, eggs, and dairy as well.

Some people may be wondering what exactly “organic” is. Organic food doesn’t contain toxins like pesticides, heavy metals or dangerous industrial chemicals. Organic food is all natural. With so many people worried about the effects that pesticides and hormones in foods may have on their bodies and those of their children, organic food is becoming a much more common choice than ever before.

There are some reasons people may decide not to shop organic, the biggest of which is the price. Organic food is usually much more expensive since organic farmers tend to not receive federal subsidies like regular farmers and is normally much more labor intensive which raises the costs.

Organic farms are also normally smaller, meaning less crops to sell to make up their cost of living. Because of the lack of pesticides and weed killer, there is a much higher chance of food being damaged by bugs and being unsellable and more hand weeding is needed. Many do not find the benefits of organic food to be worth the extra price while others just plain can’t afford it.

Organic food does include many benefits and vitamin. The most commonly referred to one is the lack of dangerous chemicals. There are no pesticides to contaminate the food. Meat and dairy are not full of the growth hormones injected into most animals used for food. By eating organic food you avoid consuming these chemicals yourself which is a major draw for more people.

Most organic animal farms are much more humane. They tend to give animals more room to run around, feed them quality and natural food. Milk cows normally spend most of their day hooked to milking machines because they are given hormones to produce more milk. Organic milk cows will produce a normal and natural amount of milk so there is no need to have them hooked to a machine as often if at all since many farms offering organic milk prefer to milk by hand. Organic eggs tend to come from humanely treated hens. If you are an animal lover and drink milk, eat eggs, or eat meat, then organic is the way to go.

While price is an issue to consider, there are also many ways to save money while shopping organic. If you get to know local farmers you could buy directly from them.

Many farmers at farmer’s markets grow organic produce. This is also great for your local economy. For non-organic fruits, those in skins are not as dangerous to consume since the pesticides are on the skin instead of directly on the part of the fruit you eat. Also, remember to shop around, many grocery stores are opting to sell organic fruit for close to the price of other food simply to promote local produce. Buying in season is important too. Growing organic food out of season is tough so it will be much more expensive. Organic food is healthy, humane, and delicious. If you are a smart shopper it can be an affordable lifestyle choice with plenty of benefits for you, your family, and your community.