Why do they call it beauty sleep? It’s because sleep is quite essential to keep your skin and body healthy.

Today’s generation highly suffers from sleep deprivation which eventually leads to many health and mental problems like depression, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, etc. Sleep is said to be the best meditation as it helps in the emotional wellbeing and proper functioning of the brain. However, it doesn’t mean that sleeping anytime can benefit you. You need a proper good night’s sleep on a regular basis for healthy living. Skimping on night sleep can really make your mood cranky next day

Attaining a good night’s sleep is not that difficult, it totally depends on your habits. Here are a few easy ways to ensure to get quality sleep at night:

Avoid exposure to blue light:

Undeniably majority of the people around the world hang up to any digital device before they go to bed whether it’s mobile, laptop or even television. Binge-watching has become a trend these days which is the main culprit of your sleep.

Digital devices emit harmful blue light that causes sleep deprivation. Avoid using these devices at least 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to your bedtime. Reduced screen time before bed will maintain your sleep cycle. Even if you are using these devices during dark hours, it is better to wear blue light filtered glasses as it will reduce the exposure and eventually reduces its negative impact on your sleep. You can easily find blue light glasses online.

Calm and peaceful environment:

A peaceful and comfortable environment around you will automatically lead you to the dreamland. Keep your room clean and fresh.

You can use aromatherapy by spreading fragrance in the room and also listening to peaceful music before going to bed will make you feel relaxed and calm. Make sure the room is as much dark as possible so that light doesn’t hamper your sleep.

Avoid late-night caffeine:

Caffeine is mostly known as a remedy to keep you active but why do you want to stay active at night. No matter how big coffee addict you are, avoid consuming coffee before going to bed. It will disrupt your sleep and even make you stay awake like an owl.

Studies suggest that for a good night’s sleep, stay away from caffeinated products after 4 pm.

Perform some physical activities:

Imagine how blissful you feel sleeping after a good hike or trek! You always enjoy the sleep after a tiring day. Any physical activity during the day will help you sleep better at night.

Engage in any activity like playing sports (basketball, tennis, badminton) or just running, Zumba, yoga can also help you to sleep well. You can go for any activity that works for you. Just sweating out 1 or 2 hours can guarantee you with a good night’s sleep at night.

Follow this bedtime ritual and sleep well. Your mind, body, and soul require a sound sleep of 7-8 hours then only you can stay mentally and physically fit. So get yourself the rest you deserve and within a month, you can see its positive impact on your life.