Have you heard of the importance of a podiatrist treatment? It is a relatively new science that has been growing popular recently. Our feet have 26 bones, 107 ligaments and 33 joints. They are responsible to support us and the thrust of our body, are essential in establishing a good body posture. It is also valuable to control the function of our various nerves that connect to various organs such as the heart and brain. It also controls the blood circulation in those pars as well. It In short, they are the basis of our body, and often end up being neglected. And as a result, we often face several health issues that can be treated by podiatrist.

Most common pathologies:


Hereditary and with a complicated name, hallux valgus is a bone deviation located on the side of the big toe, causing a callus that usually inflicts a lot of pain and makes it difficult, or even impossible, to wear closed shoes. Although there is surgical treatment by an orthopedic doctor, there are other less invasive options such as the use of correctives recommended by the podiatrist.


The area of ​​the feet is all that fungi want in order to proliferate. They are constantly under the action of heat and moisture. It may affect both skin and nails, and fungal infections may require lengthy treatment, especially if diagnosed late. Therefore, it is important to seek assistance if you notice any changes in the color of these areas, which may or may not be accompanied by itching and peeling.

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Stinky feet

It is characterized by the presence of stench in areas such as armpits and feet which appear due to sweating associated with the presence of bacteria. However, the professional Podiatrist will make appropriate recommendations, which aim, in addition to killing such bacteria, to prevent their return by changing simple habits such as changing shoes and socks more often.

Ingrown toenails

If you have already suffered from this problem, you know, it causes pain, and a lot. Several factors can lead to their emergence, improper cuts, tight shoes and even genetics. Wrong treatment can not only make the problem worse, it can lead to nail loss or even cause more serious infections in the body. In addition to the above cases, the skilled practitioner also deals with pain, injury and an extensive list of other situations. If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek a podiatrist treatment.

Improves foot care

The feet require a lot of attention, which goes beyond the care of the podiatrist. This professional should be prepared to guide patients to extend this care. The process goes through the correct daily hygiene, the use of appropriate shoes and regular visit to the podiatrist. People who suffer from diabetic foot and calluses need to redouble their attention, especially when they are elderly. With the accompaniment of a specialized professional, the quality of life and health of those who are already in old age, going through some condition, will be much better.


As it is said, an intense nuisance at the corner of your fingers is a good indication that you should look for a podiatrist. However, there are a huge variety of different reasons and conditions to look for this professional such as heel pains, bunions, corns, calluses and so on. Remember that the well-being of the feet is always very important and you should not get used to living with itching, stains, yellow nails, aches or even the presence of pus if the region is infected. Even if some pedicures remove ingrown nails, podiatry is the science best suited for this work.