You must have heard about appendicitis or surgery of the appendix. It is one of the most common abdominal emergencies throughout the world, especially in the USA. In this medical condition, the appendix bursts; it is leading to several medical complications in the body.

An appendix is a small tube-like structure made of tissues and is connected to the large intestine. It gets inflated due to multiple reasons and can even burst if not treated at the right time. Here is everything that you must know about it and a list of symptoms that will help you to ascertain whether you have trouble with your appendix and whether you need an appendix surgery or not: –

● Most of the cases are seen in older people. However, this medical emergency can even happen with young people.

● Some of the common reasons behind it include being diabetic, taking a large number of steroids regularly, taking a heavy dose of medicines or suffering from some chronic illness.

● It can even happen if you wait for more than three days after you start seeing the symptoms in your body. Though this is a small tissue, it can cause severe complications in the body and can even be fatal.

● The appendix does not burst without giving any warning or symptoms. The most common symptoms are feeling nausea or vomiting without any evident reason. All this is often accompanied by fever.

● A person will experience severe pain around the belly button towards the lower side if there is some problem with appendix. This pain does not go away so easily and starts getting worse with time. Therefore, you should immediately consult a doctor.

● Once appendix bursts, the pain starts spitting in the entire abdominal region. The pain gets unbearable, and you will have to visit a doctor as soon.

● The burst of the appendix causes great difficulty in movement. The movement can be any movement like walking, standing, sitting, jumping, dancing, eating, and even sneezing and coughing. The pain is limited usually to the abdominal region but is an extremely severe one. Though every abdominal pain does not indicate a problem with the appendix, it is a sure symptom of that. Therefore, you should not ignore such severe pains.

●The doctor will recommend you to go for a CT scan to examine what is causing trouble in your abdomen. If this is the pain of appendicitis, the doctor will recommend you an appendix surgery to get the appendix removed. However, if the situation is not a severe one, you will be given antibiotics to reduce the extent of pain, and you can go for surgery at a convenient date in the future.

● In most of the cases, doctors have found that the appendix gets ruptured because people ignore the symptoms for a long time and expect things to be fine on their own. Do not commit this mistake if you see any of these symptoms in your body. It is always better to start the treatment before it gets too late.