According to statistics, over 60% of people worldwide suffer from hip pain after driving or sitting for a short time. Why do people suffer from such pain and how one can get relief from such a discomforting situation? These are some of the common questions that people seek the answers for.

This article talks about hip pains and ways through which one can get relief from it with some effort. Points mentioned here are home-remedies that one can try even when consulting a doctor. Have a look!

Why do people suffer from hip pain after driving or sitting?

There are numerous reasons as to why people suffer from such hip pain; however, the most common reasons include joint lining inflammation known as bursitis, arthritis which is losing joint’s protective cushioning. Hence, when driving or sitting in a place people often suffer from pain when trying to get up or bend over.

Now let’s look at the cure after suffering from such pain!

Using cold and hot therapy

Using cold and hot therapy

When suffering from such pain, people can get relief from it naturally by treating it with cold and hot water. Using warm water makes a lot of difference. It assists in easing the stiffness in the hip-portion of an individual. This can be done by placing heating pads on the hip for instant relief. Moreover, if this can be done every day in the morning and at night, it will aid in long-term relief.

Now, for instant relief from hip pain after driving or sitting for a long duration is opting for cold treatments. Using frozen vegetables’ bags or ice packs, one can get immediate relief from swelling, inflation, and joint relief. Simply place such cold items on painful positions for instant effect.

Trying acupuncture


Another way to get rid of such hip pain is experiencing acupuncture. It is an ancient medical treatment that originated from Chinese people which deals with inserting very thin needles in different points in a human’s body. It assists in rerouting energy as well as restoring balance in one’s body. WHO (World Health Organization) even recommends it for various different pain management conditions.

Moreover, it is believed that acupuncture helps with arthritis pain reduction too. However, it should be kept in mind that one should always select a professional, experienced, and licensed acupuncture specialist for the job.



Stretching hip muscles can help in reducing hip pain after driving or sitting. Proper stretching of the hips muscles and joint aids from pain mentioned in this article. From leaning from one side to another and stretching out legs helps massively. One has to stretch for a few seconds and repeat it twice. It will provide relief instantly.

Apart from these, there are things which one can do regularly, that will reduce such pain and discomfort altogether. Have a look at those!

Utilizing bay leaves

Utilizing bay leaves

Bay leaves are known for soothing hip pain after driving or sitting. One can add a maximum of 5 leaves in a liter of water. After the decoction is made, one should add it in bathwater for getting relief from sore, aches, and pains. Moreover, it helps with arthritis pain reduction. In addition, one can simply rub oil from bay leaves on various inflamed joints for immediate relief.

Hip hinge exercises

Hip Hinge Exercise

Performing hip hinge exercises help with hip-pain after driving or sitting every day. It is a fundamental patter for a movement that is used for exercises based on the deadlift. Muscles used in this exercise include buttocks and hamstrings that assist in stretching hip for relief. Also, core muscles and lower back are used for stabilizing the spine. All these help with hip pain after driving or sitting.

Other exercises


Regularly opt for exercises that strengthen outer and inner thighs along with working out in the water if possible. Water aerobics and more, are quite helpful in dealing with such pain and reduce it over a period. However, high-impacting activities like jumping, running, etc. should be kept minimal to none if one suffers from such pains.

These are some of the things which one can follow if one suffers from hip pain after driving or sitting for some time. Hopefully, this article was helpful and has given the answers to reducing pain instantly!