Spine Surgery

Without surgery, most pain in the lower back can be treated. Surgery often does not alleviate the pain; study indicates that 20-40% of back surgery is unsuccessful. There is a medical word for this absence of achievement: unsuccessful surgery syndrome. There are times, however, when back surgery is a feasible or essential alternative for treating severe musculoskeletal injuries or compression of the nerves. After making sure that you have exhausted all other options, a pain management expert can assist you in deciding whether surgery is a suitable option.

Risks Of Spine Surgery

Back surgery may carry higher risks than some other types of medicine as it is performed closer to the nervous system. Paralysis and diseases are the most severe of these hazards. The recovery time may be extended even with a successful surgery.  Healing may take months, depending on the type of surgery and your pre-operative situation. And you might permanently lose some flexibility.
With our list of the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon, you can now get affordable treatment in no time.

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  • Dr. Hitesh Garg

Dr. Hitesh Garg is 14 + years of experience orthopedic spine surgeon. He has performed nearly more than 4000 spine surgeries, including over 1500 spinal fusions, 250 procedures for correction of deformity (scoliosis and kyphosis), and 150 replacements of lumbar and cervical artificial disks. He has academic qualifications from some of the world’s most excellent medical organizations. From the renowned AIIMS College, Delhi, he finished his MBBS. From the renowned KEM College, Mumbai, he pursued his Masters in Surgery (Orthopedics). Dr. Garg’s Fellowship in Pediatric Spine Surgery from Yale University, USA, Philadelphia, USA.

  • Dr. Vineesh Mathur

Currently affiliated with a senior appointment with one of the renowned clinics in India Carries 28 years of expertise in orthopedics and spine surgery with knowledge of more than 5000 autonomous surgeries, he is also the member of the prestigious  Association of Spine Surgeons of India and the North American Spine Society Trained & worked as a visiting fellow at different clinics in India.

  • Dr. Jawahar Pahuja

A renowned surgeon specializing in trauma management, joint replacement, spine surgery Expert in the use of pro-conservative methodology for fracture m / m, minimally invasive fracture fixation Interests include trauma, injective bone pathology and wound m / m, THR (Total Hip Replacement) & Spine (Lumbar) TKA Trained in the rehabilitation of post-trauma joint function and is known for pain management.

  • Dr. Dharmendra Singh

An accomplished spinal surgeon & extensively trained by the world’s finest spinal surgeons Interests include minimally invasive spinal surgery, degenerative spinal surgery, lumbar and cervical disc surgery, cervical disc replacement and fusion surgery, spinal cord surgery, spinal injury management, complex spinal surgery, osteoporotic spinal fracture management (vertebroplasty, kyphopoplastic surgery).

  • Dr. Himanshu Tyagi

Dr. Himanshu Tyagi, with ten years of experience, is a well-known surgeon and an expert in orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, and joint replacement. He is well suited to the treatment of cases related to spine problems, including spinal trauma, spinal infections, spinal tumor, spinal deformation, and other adult degenerative conditions. Through both the anterior and the posterior approach, he is skilled in both intradural and extradural spine pathologies and complex surgeries from the cervical spine to the sacrum. Complex scoliosis surgery and orthopedic trauma/fractures are also his interests. Dr. Tyagi is a member of the Indian Orthopedic Association; ASSI; Delhi Orthopedic Association; and UP Orthopedic Association. Dr. Tyagi has published numerous papers for different journals, including those published in the 2013 – 2014 Indian Heart Journal. The other titles include Title of Scalloping Sacral Arachnoid Cyst as a perianal pain cause-A Case Study Report: Journal on the Orthopedic Case Report, Journal of Orthopedic Case Report (April-June 2014), Traumatic Floating 1st Metacarpal in 14-year-old boy Closely Reduced and  the Thumb Spike Immobilization- A Rare Case Report • Journal of Orthopedic Case Report, Role of Surgical Intervention.