It looks like the high protein diet has taken the weight loss arena by storm in recent times. Almost everyone talks about the Atkins Diet, which is a diet based on the use of foods high in protein. This diet advocates high protein which is required to improve weight loss and build muscle.

Meanwhile, many people are unsure about what foods hold large levels of protein. That’s why you should read on and understand the crucial high protein foods list. After going through such a list, you should find it simpler to select foodstuffs that will present your body whatever protein it requires.

The Significance of Protein

Prior to changing to a diet based on this high protein foods list, you must know why protein is valuable to your body. Considering the biological constitution of the human body, the protein is an important constituent of every cell that the body is made of. This protein is prepared from various types of amino acids that are thought to be basic life building blocks.

Various protein types have diverse roles inside the cell, such as constructing and mending essential tissues. Also, protein is employed to make enzymes and hormones, which all are indispensable to life. The body requires protein on an everyday basis. Protein should be taken to maintain the body in proper condition since it is not stored.

Protein Builds your Muscles

Apart from the various ways that protein helps your body, it is also a large constituent in muscle composition and helps the muscles to grow bigger and recuperate faster. It is essential to remember that having huge protein levels will not put muscles together automatically. Exercise is essential to build muscles.

High Protein Foods List

It is time to get familiar with the foods high in protein so here is a quick list of high protein foods that must be a major part of your diet.

Chicken Breast

Apart from being one of the foods high in protein, chicken breast is a suitable protein source because a lot of eating places and stores dish up and sell them. If you’re currently maintaining a high protein diet, the chicken breast can be the simplest thing to take for a swift snack or meal.

Cottage Cheese

This is one more wonderful protein source. A lot of fitness fans and bodybuilders use cottage cheese as a snack or side dish to go with a meal. The protein contained in the cottage cheese is called whey protein, a type usually present in dairy food products. Half a cup of cottage cheese contains protein of around fifteen grams.

Egg Whites

Egg Whites are one of the simplest high protein foods that you can slip in into a diet; however, you should like the smell or taste of eggs. It is easy to get eggs at the local grocery shop and churn out egg dishes, such as scrambles and omelets. Eggs (hard-boiled) can be a wonderful mid-afternoon or mid-morning snack. Usually, an egg gives you six grams of protein.

Actually something like this is plenty of protein for such a tiny quantity of food. Egg whites have about sixty percent of the protein and the rest is from the yolk. Health specialists suggest that folks suffering from obesity or high cholesterol must only eat the white part.

Soy Products

These are usually right at the top of the list of high protein foods for vegetarians. Soy foodstuffs are all the rage among vegetarians who are trying to pursue a high protein diet since most of the foods high in protein either are dairy products or meat products. Foodstuffs made using soy have a considerable quantity of protein. Among the list of high protein foods for vegetarians, a few of the popular soy products are soy nuts, soybeans, and soy milk.


More or less all kinds of fish varieties are a wonderful source of protein; however, Salmon is filled with the biggest level of protein among all types of fish. A baked or grilled salmon filet has a protein of approximately over forty grams. Also, salmon has other useful vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for health.

The above high protein food list holds just a few of the top foods that are rich in protein. You should also consider the nutritional values of various other foods when you are planning a high protein diet.

Various foods rich in protein may also be lofty in fat content, like certain types of nuts. It is essential to consider whether you are going for a high protein diet with the idea of reducing weight. Consuming huge quantities of protein together with heavy fat will affect your diet in a negative way.

The best diet options for health and muscle building are the ones that are rich in protein content and less in fat.