If you have an idea of considering the Lasik procedure to improve your vision, then it is mandatory to discuss with your Lasik Surgeon about the benefits and risks involved in the procedure and what could be the result of correcting the vision with the procedure.

As every candidate has a unique set of eye health conditions and lifestyle goals, it is necessary to discuss with the surgeon before electing to go ahead with the Lasik Procedure. For some, it might be the best procedure that provides a lot of benefits, but for a few, it may be the best choice.

Here we have put together some of the top queries to be asked to the surgeon during the Lasik consultation.

1. Does the surgeon perform the Lasik procedure for at least three years?

A good and experienced Lasik surgeon should have made many procedures during the last three years. So it is necessary to know the details of the experienced surgeon around you as you are dealing with your eyes and in the end make sure you are comfortable with the person you are consulting with.

2. Does the surgeon have a list of references that had Lasik recently?

The best surgeon should have a list of references on hand to whom he or she had recently made the Lasik procedure that resulted in a successful vision. Discussing with the former Lasik patients must give you an idea about the surgeon’s skill and other problems they faced during the procedure with the technology of equipment from the hospital.

This gives you a better view of the surgeon and his skills before you fix up with the procedure and if you are not satisfied, then you can still search for a better surgeon.

3. How many of my surgeon’s patients achieved a better vision without needing any further re-treatment?

The success rate of the Lasik surgeon is a critical factor you need to know before deciding on the Lasik procedure. Due to the unusual healing pattern that varies between the patients. Some hospital provides free re-treatment, but don’t accept such offers as these are the terms used due to imperfect surgery look for success rate and see the patient testimonials over Google and Yelp reviews. You can also look for the center reviews over youtube and on other sites.

Before choosing the best consultation, have research on the surgeon who is doing the procedure and about his skills from the reviewers.

4. What is the right age to under the procedure?

You must discuss with your consultant about the optimal age and life stage to have the Lasik procedure done. In general, the vision of the eyes fluctuates till the age of 25, during pregnancy, menopause, breastfeeding, and after a certain age limit. So think of the stage where you are right now and decide whether you need the Lasik procedure.

The best consultation will give you a clear vision of what should you do before you take up the procedure to avoid any future risk in the vision.

5. Other queries to put forth during your Lasik Consultation

Here are a few more queries that are necessary to know before you take up the Lasik procedure. They are:

  • Are there any potential risks involved in Lasik eye surgery?
  • Will my age be a factor in the success of the Lasik eye procedure?
  • Do I have the health condition to undergo the Lasik?
  • Will the results of the Lasik procedure last long or will I need any surgery in the future?
  • Are there any medications I should follow or not follow before the procedure?
  • How long will it take for the recovery post-procedure?