Due to COVID-19, physical activity amongst people is on the down-low. It is becoming an uphill task to get some form of exercise due to the closure of parks, gyms, and other fitness facilities. Being trapped inside our home is both a curse and a blessing. You find yourself having freedom for everything. From dressing up how you like, finishing your work in the comfort of your home, and having your kitchen available to you whenever you feel hungry. Everything is perfect unless you want to burn some calories.

It is one thing to decline a delicious piece of chocolate cake at a birthday party in your office. But stopping yourself from eating whatever is present inside your kitchen pantry is a different ballgame. On top of that, you cannot leave your house for anything else other than shopping for groceries. In the end, it is all about how you utilize your time at home during the lockdown.

You can choose to sit on your couch and watch Netflix for hours, or you can get up and burn some calories during such a time off from everything else. The million-dollar question is, what can you do to burn calories under such inconvenient and uncomfortable circumstances? Listed below are a few ways to burn calories while staying at home.


You don’t require expensive fancy equipment to burn calories and achieve your weight loss goals at home. In fact, under normal circumstances, you don’t even need to sign up for a gym. However, you need to invest in a few pieces of workout equipment to kickstart your weight loss journey at home.

For example, buy a set of dumbbells, exercise bands, and subscribe to an online fitness tracking membership to keep track of your goals. You can also go all out and buy an all-in-one fitness machine, such as an indoor skiing machine. 

You can perform various exercises with such a fitness machine without having to worry about buying extra equipment. In the end, a ski machine workout benefits outweigh its disadvantages. Try it out if you are looking for an easy-in-one workout solution.

While you might be willing to invest in training equipment, you should also make it a point to check out new workout programs like EMS training. They work with science and technological aids to help you get the most out of your weight loss training programs.


Proper nutrition contributes around eighty percent of your weight loss efforts. You must fuel your body with the right foods if you wish to burn calories and see results quickly. Due to COVID-19, it has become difficult to eat the right foods and track food intake. People staying at home reach for their kitchen cupboards and eat whatever they can find inside them. Not to mention individuals who have a sweet tooth. They can eat whatever dessert that they fancy.

To burn some calories, you have to fix your eating habits. One full-proof method of fixing them is to find alternatives for your favorite junk foods. When you go out for grocery shopping next time, get some healthy snacks. Also, fill up your fridge and pantry with healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables high in dietary fiber. 


Exercise and healthy eating are the most integral part of any weight loss program. However, sleep is another that people tend to forget. Getting quality and the right amount of shut-eye will be a catalyst for your efforts to burn calories at home. And due to working from home, you should set limits for yourself and doze off at the right time.

Turn off your computer and get some well-deserved sleep. It will allow your body to recover from a grueling day’s work and exercise session.  A good practice is to turn off your mobile phone and laptop at least an hour before you hit the haystack.  Also, try installing a dimmer into your light. You can decrease the intensity of the light that shines in your eye to make you sleep quicker.


According to research, an adult human being should consume around two liters of water every day. It amounts to eight regular-sized cups. However, it is crucial that you drink these eight cups of water between your meals, not while you have them. Aim for a little higher than two liters as different individuals require different amounts of water. It depends on how dehydrated they are during the day.

Also, if you exercise every day, you need to increase your water intake to around four liters per day. The more you work out, the more sweat your body lets it. It means you will have to drink more water to rehydrate yourself.


Alcohol, sugars, and tobacco are three things you need to stay away from to burn calories and reduce weight. They are your worst enemy when you are trying to burn calories. These three things affect your liver and increase your tendency to store fat.

The more of them you consume, the more fat your body will store. So, a good practice is to quit all sorts of alcoholic sugary beverages. And most of all, throw away your cigarette box and lighter. They will seriously hamper your ability to work out at your maximum. 


In the end, if you want any weight loss program to work, you have to follow it religiously and without taking any shortcuts. Undoubtedly, you can munch on your favorite sweet dish on the weekend, but that does not mean you stuff your face with it and waste the hard work of an entire week. So, come up with an effective workout plan and stick to it if you want to see results soon.