A little snow is never a cause of concern but when it turns into a blizzard it’s a whole new ball game. The high winds combined with the intense amount of snow make it a nightmare to step out. You simply have to be holed up inside your house and bunker down.

Now the thing is that while you do have to stay inside, it may not be as terrible as it sounds. Modern technology makes it very easy for the government to send out a blizzard warning hour beforehand. This means you can prepare for a number of activities to do to keep yourself engaged. Here are a few interesting ones for you to consider-

Find company

If you’re living with your family then you probably have company to keep yourself entertained. If you don’t get along with your family or you live alone then probably call someone over or go to a friend’s place before the blizzard starts. There are just so many activities that you can do once you have a company that the list would be just too long to mention here. But you get the hint right? Just find someone you can chill with and you’ll be good.

Learn a skill

It’s all good if you want to spend your time in front of the TV or simply drinking away to glory, but I would suggest going for something productive and interesting at the same time. A blizzard easily gives you enough hours on the clock to look for an interesting skill that you would like to learn and start learning it. If you are a quick learner and show some real interest, then you can probably get a good hang of the skill before the blizzard ends. Getting your friends or family in on the skill-learning activity will make it all the more interesting.

THC is a good option

Well since I’m trying to give you some not-so-regular options this one does make the cut. Try out some marijuana to get a nice hit of THC which can help you while away time in a very interesting manner. And don’t worry if you do not smoke weed, you can simply order some edibles too. It’s easy to get your hands on some good quality edibles nowadays but if you still have trouble you can click here for a few interesting options. Pair up a nice activity along with the edible and you should be good to go.

DIY House Repairs

Try to find something that needs fixing around the house and you’ll find a couple of things that need your attention. Do this before the blizzard starts so that you can make a quick run to get any supplies required to fix the object. It’s best to take help from the internet while doing this and even more importantly – use proper safety gear. If you cut your finger a little too deep and need stitches, it will be a nightmare to rush to the hospital in such weather. So rather be safe than sorry.

While there are many more options that you might want to go for, these have been tried and tested to be the more interesting choices. Try these out this winter and see for yourself!