Why does a heart attack fall? Know what happens inside the body during a heart attack, this is essential life-saving information.

Before the heart attack

The heart is usually made up of very healthy and strong cells. But apart from a lazy lifestyle, eating too much fat, and smoking too much, heart health also starts to deteriorate due to genetic reasons.

Blood vessels

Our heart continuously delivers oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body. The oxygen coming from the lungs goes to the rest of the body by joining the blood. The heart pumps blood and runs in the body. But due to old age or poor lifestyle, the arteries that supply blood to the heart begin to be obstructed.

Within the arteries

Plaque slowly accumulates within the arteries called artillery. Plaque makes the veins narrower, causing blood flow to be interrupted. From here the danger of heart attack begins.

Artillery closure

If too much plaque accumulates in the artery, the sufferer has serious consequences if he works in the running part. To give more energy to the body, the heart starts beating very fast. But during this time, there is a formation of red blood cells in the narrow artery and blood flow stops.

Closed arteries do not provide enough blood and oxygen to the heart. Just then our heart starts splashing for oxygen. The beating becomes more rapid. It takes a breath to breathe.

The heart fluttering for oxygen sends an emergency signal to the brain. On the other hand, it starts to sweat, it starts twitching. If this happens, one should immediately go to the hospital without delay and consult with the best heart specialist in Kolkata.

Emergency signals from the brain are sent to the spinal cord. The brain reduces oxygen supply to other parts of the body. This causes pain in the body. Neck, jaw, ears, shoulders, arms start hurting. Torsional pain starts in the middle of the chest.

The part of the heart that dies during an attack is never able to recover. That is why every moment is important. That is why special recommendations are given to heart patients.

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Young people suffer light-hearted attacks. However, the pain arising due to a heart attack can last from a few minutes to several hours. It also returns again. If this happens, one should immediately go to the hospital in a very comfortable way

If left untreated in time, the heart muscle slowly starts to die after a heart attack. And finally, the heart stops working. After this, brain cells also start dying between three and seven minutes.

Do not eat too much fat. Eat fruits, salads, and green vegetables regularly. It is very important to make the body tired, so do regular exercise. Also, do not become a doctor yourself if your health is bad.