Lignosusrhinocerus or Tiger Milk Mushroom, once a traditional health supplement in the Southeastern countries, is now getting global recognition due to several clinically proven beneficial properties.

What’s this magical medicinal mushroom? And what are the benefits of this edible mushroom supplement?

Let’s find out!

What Are The Major Differences Between Wild and Cultivated Tiger Milk Mushrooms?

The successful cultivation of tiger milk mushrooms started in 2016. Before that, mostly wild varieties of mushrooms were available.

Apart from being rare and difficult to obtain, a wild variety of this mushroom has certain drawbacks. The modern cultivated mushrooms are available in superior quality and eliminate the drawbacks of the wild variety.

Cultivated Mushrooms

  • Optimized and explicitly developed for optimal medicinal value.
  • Harvesting is possible at optimal level active components (before the sclerotia develop the stem and cap).
  • Trustworthy botanical identification.
  • Free from toxic microbial manifestations or heavy metal accumulation.
  • Cultivated with adequate sterile and hygienic management.
  • Certified and organic end-products.

Wild Growths

  • The medicinal value varies, depending on the harvesting condition.
  • The quality depends on the growth phase during collection. Sclerotia lose its beneficial value and nutrients once its stem and cap develop.
  • Risk of adulteration as no standardized identification protocols are followed.
  • Risk of environmental contamination since the cultivation is unsupervised.
  • Risk of contaminants due to non-hygienic harvest or post-harvest management

How Does The Tiger Milk Mushroom Work?

Tiger Milk Mushroom supplement generally works through various phases to treat lung and respiratory conditions such as sinus inflammation, chronic cough, asthma, respiratory allergies, etc.

The fundamental mechanism of action includes cleansing and impurity elimination, promoting rejuvenation, enhancing immunity, and shielding your lungs and airways.

Cleansing and Impurity Elimination

The active inflammatory properties of Tiger Milk Mushroom enable thorough cleansing and elimination of impurities from inflamed cellular structures. It functions as a respiratory detoxifier to reduce chest congestion.

Relaxation and Restoration

After cleansing and removing impurities, it relaxes the inflamed mucous membranes and soft tissue linings in the respiratory tract and promotes cellular restoration.

Strengthening and Boosting Immunity

After cleaning and restoring the damaged mucosa, it boosts and strengthens the immune response against the lungs’ environmental pollutants and allergy triggers.


Lastly, this edible mushroom helps nourish your lungs, mucosal lining, and respiratory tracts for improving overall respiratory health and ensuring protection from injury.

4 Benefits of Tiger Milk Mushroom

Tiger milk mushrooms have several benefits, including:

Lung & Respiratory support

The active ingredients in the mushroom help in relieving lung & respiratory conditions, including asthma, sinus inflammation, smoking damage, allergy rhinitis, chronic cough, etc. Since it cleanses and strengthens the entire respiratory system, it is also beneficial for individuals exposed to pollution regularly.

Supports immune System

Your immune system has a challenging job to do. One of the fundamental healing properties of tiger milk mushrooms is their ability to support, improve and protect the immune system to an optimal level. Therefore, edible mushroom supplements are recommended even if you’re completely healthy.

It is highly advisable for the elderly and children to take TMM for adequate health maintenance.

Enhances Stamina And Overall Vitality

TMM is a generic health tonic with multiple benefits. Regular consumption can reverse cellular damage in your respiratory system and improve breathing. Consequently, your stamina and overall vitality improve.

Reduces The Incidence Of Respiratory Allergies

It aids in alleviating the symptoms of respiratory allergy and sometimes skin allergy such as eczema. This health benefit is mostly a result of this medicinal mushroom’s immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory properties.

Which Conditions Can Benefit From Tiger Milk Mushroom?

Tiger Milk Mushroom is frequently recommended has and demonstrated positive results in treating the following conditions:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic cough
  • Sinusitis
  • Nasal sensitivity
  • Smoker’s cough
  • Bronchitis
  • Respiratory allergic reactions
  • Snoring

What Are the Tiger Milk Mushroom Adverse Effects?

There are no documented significant adverse effects associated with the normal dosage of Tiger Milk Mushroom.

You might experience a marginal increase in phlegm production in the initial few days. This is generally normal and is your body’s normal response during detoxification.

Consult a healthcare professional in case any adverse effects persist. Stop consumption immediately.

Allergic reactions Associated With Tiger Milk Mushroom.

No known allergies have been reported in the recent research journals from the consumption of Tiger Milk Mushrooms. However, in rare cases, if you experience rashes, itching, discomfort, or any other allergic reaction, immediately stop consumption and consult a medical professional.

To prevent any adverse effects, it is recommended to stay within the normal daily dosage limit for adults (500mf/day) and children (250mg/day).