The dental implant is a process where an artificial tooth is placed inside the gum to the jawbone. These are replacement teeth that are placed when permanent teeth get completely damaged.

Types of Dental Implants

There are mainly two categories of implantation in dental science and they are:

  • Subperiosteal– this is the implantation which is done on gums and above the jawbones. This is generally designed for a person who has weak jawbone and cannot undergo the process of bone argumentation. This kind of process includes a metal frame which is fitted above the jawbone. After fitting the artificial frame, an artificial tooth is attached to the respective places.
  • Endosteal– this is the common implantation process used nowadays. These are implanted directly into the jaws. They are made up of small screws and titanium. This includes the treatment of only single teeth at a time.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental problems might lead to certain difficult situations in day to day life. Thus, to reduce such problems by undergoing the operation might lead up to a good and healthy life. There are certain benefits that the implantation of teeth provides. To name few-

  • Oral health – this process does not include the removal of natural teeth. In the process, it has the main objective of providing good oral surroundings for the teeth. The process actually helps in keeping the teeth intact with the jaw for a longer period of time.
  • Convenient – just like dentures that have to be removed, dental implants are not to be removed. They are fixed inside the mouth and thus provide good alternatives for dentures.
  • Eating – using implants does not cause any problem in eating. It feels as if chewing is done through natural teeth. Eating is made way a lot easier in the dental implantation process.
  • Smile – use of implants leads to a good smile. It increases the self-esteem of a person by providing them with good teeth set which helps in expressing a good smile.
  • Appearance – The use of implants does not make a person look unfamiliar. It does not change anything in a person’s appearance but just provides them with a healthy tooth so that the person feels comfortable even in these so-called permanent teeth.
  • Speaking way – with loose teeth or irritating gum problems might cause difficulty in speaking. With any other dental process like the use of dentures, it may lead to slipping of the speech because of continuous moving of the dentures but in the case of implants, it is fixed and so speaking has become easier and proper.
  • Durabledental implants provide a long time of durability. With proper care, sometimes implants can even work for a whole lifetime. Thus, necessary care and proper treatment is a must for implants to be very durable.

What is the Cost and Time required for Dental Implantation Process?

The process of fixing dental implants is not an easy task as it is described and read. Although it takes around 45-60 minutes for the whole surgery to end the post-surgery care needs a lot of time. It takes almost two months for everything to be normal back again. Resting and taking care of the operated area is the most important tip that can be provided in the matter. As of the matter of cost, dental implantation is a bit expensive. It takes about 3000-4000 dollars for a single dental implant. For more information on a particular matter, consult an experienced dentist. This would clear up all the doubts.

The surgery for dental implantation is not so easy and can be a bit painful. It can be considered as a higher modification of root canal surgery. Though, the pain is for one time but the benefits of the process are for a longer time.