Low back pain is a common problem among men and women, these days. It can affect work, daily life, family, and leisure activities. Although there isn’t a specific or miraculous cure for low back pain, you can take some measures for managing symptoms.

Here are some things you should STOP doing to improve the symptoms:

1. Stop Hunching

Do not slouch. Poor sitting posture is one of the most common causes of low back pain. Poor posture or slouching can cause excessive pressure on the discs, joints, and muscles, leading to pain. Maintaining correct posture while sitting will help eliminating low back pain.

2. Stop Avoiding Physical Activity or Exercise

It may not be easy to get started but exercise or a physical activity is very important for your back. It will help in strengthening your core muscles and improve circulation to discs and joints. Exercise will also improve overall well-being.

3. Stop Believing in the Availability of a Miracle Cure

Your search for a miracle product will never end. According to scientific studies, none of the miracle techniques or products such as healing balms, oil, and inversion table will work. Stop believing in advertisements that claim magical cures for low back pain.

4. Stop Lifting Heavy Items

Frequent lifting of heavy objects is one of the major causes of low back pain. In case, your job involves the task, request your employer if he/she can arrange for special equipment or some help to ease the load. Most importantly, you should lift these items correctly.

5. Stop Bending Too Much

Most spine doctors recommend patients to avoid too much forward bending. Repetitive forward can lead to increased pressure on discs in the back resulting in pain in the muscle. Restrict forward bending as far as you can. Some low back exercises are targeted to backward bending. These can help counterbalance the repetitive forward bending.

6. Stop Believing in Passive Treatments

Passive treatments such as ultrasound, heat, or ice may work but the effect is temporary. Studies have revealed that postural correction and exercise are an effective remedy for pain in low back. A visit to your physical therapist can help determine which exercises are best for your specific low back condition.

7. Stop Smoking

It is advisable to avoid smoking. It can put negative effects on your health. Research has revealed that smoking can increase low back pain. Give up on smoking. If you face trouble, consult a doctor for a plan to quit smoking. These plans are customized to help individuals give up smoking.

8. Stop Waiting for the Pain to Disappear

In case, you have experienced pain for over a week or two, schedule an appointment with a physical therapist or doctor. Waiting for the condition to improve can actually worsen it. Spine doctors suggest their patients to take medical support as soon as possible to ensure hassle free professional and personal life.

9. Stop Being your Own Doctor

Back pain may restrict your ability to move comfortably around the house and at work. It can also prevent you from enjoying your leisure activities. Most people turn to home remedies or over the counter medications and topical solutions to handle symptoms. So if you have back pain, schedule an appointment with your physical therapist. This will help you to get back to normal life safely and faster.

Low back pain can be managed under the guidance of an experienced spine doctor. Refraining from the above listed points will also help you get back to normal life faster and safely.