Kids always love sweets, jams, jellies, fruits as well as chocolates that eventually damage their teeth. That is why it is essential to ask your kids to brush to prevent bacteria and plaque as well as cavities build-up. However, as per some parents, the trip to the dentist is always a pleasant experience for their kids because they restrict all the sweet elements. Today, most of the kids have a cavity. Of course, it is a piece of bad news, but the dentist can efficiently handle this problem. It is a cause of concern for parents, but the dentist has the best solution as well.

Cavities explained

So, what is a pit? In simple words, it is a hole in the outer layer of teeth – enamel. It is an outer layer, which is hard surrounded by an inner layer of dentin. It usually covers the tooth pulp, which has blood vessels as well as a nerve. So, how it is formed? It is often created when the enamel is weakened and fails to covers the dentin (the inner layer).


However, you will be surprised to know that a small cavity can be drilled to eliminate any decayed portion. The dentist then fills the gap with a material – such as resin. It is designed to strengthen the teeth.

Bacteria dominate the teeth

Sometimes, if a kid has more severe trouble, then children dentists perform extensive drilling as well as play a root canal. It is all about the procedure of removing the whole tooth.  Here, it must be noted that cavities form when bacteria dominate the teeth and produce acid. These sorts of acid gradually soften the enamel as well as make it weak overtime. Some kids have more cavity-forming bacteria and hence, they need immediate attention. 

Chocolates, snacks, chips, cold drinks

Highly acidic environments encourage the cavity-causing bacteria to grow extensively. Since, kids love to eat chocolates, snacks, chips, cold beverages and drink milk, and they quickly develop cavities. Such types of elements the acid level of mouth and cause damage to enamel as well as encourage bad bacteria to grow.

Poor brushing techniques

Poor brushing techniques also support it. Poor brushing techniques can damage the entire enamel, build plaque, foster bacteria and even damage the root of the teeth, eventually.

Teach your kids proper brushing habits

 Hence, it is vital to help kids learn proper brushing techniques. Parents should also help them to adopt appropriate oral care habits to fight against harmful bacteria. According to some experts, it is essential to teach your kids proper brushing habits and also encourage them to rinse with water immediately after eating. You should also restrict their eating habits that involve sugary snacks and juices.

Did you know? Is calcium vital for healthy teeth?

Protect the teeth

Most children’s dentists use a sealant to protect the teeth. It is designed to provide extra protection to teeth and helps keep them stay healthy. They also focus on avoiding certain food habits to preserve oral health as well as prevent tooth decay.