“Be careful about reading health books. You may die for a misprint. ”-These are the words of Mark Twain. As his words specify, the knowledge we obtain about health is very crucial. This article aims at providing updated and right knowledge about the importance of health in human life to the readers. What is health? If we are considering it as the ability to live long, it will be an incomplete concept that requires correction.

There is a story that we all must have heard about health. It’s the story of a king. The king was generous but lazy. His main concern was about having lots of food. Soon he became fat and ill. He spent a lot of his wealth for getting fit again. But no one could help him. Then a holy man far from his castle helped him. He asked the king to come to his place on foot for some weeks. Gradually the king became healthy again. The king was very wealthy. But he was ready to spend all his wealth on his health.

Reason Behind the Importance of Health in Human Life

Being healthy is not only about how long we live but also about how productive we are in life. Health is not only a condition that is free from illness and injury. It’s a state of physical, mental, cultural, economic, social and spiritual well being. Good health is security to our life. Health is required in all aspects of life.

A worker will be more productive if he has good health. For a student to focus on his studies, he needs to have a healthy environment. In the current days, developing countries give more importance to the health of people. Because a healthy population is a crucial factor for the economic development of a country. Increased health will decrease the skipping of work by the workers. They will become more productive which will increase their income and social status. The increased income will increase the purchasing capacity of the people and will pave the way for the development of the nation. This is the reason why the importance of health in human life is higher for developing countries.

Factors Affecting the Importance of Health in Human Life

There are various determinants of health like culture, income, social support, genetics, gender, physical environment, etc. The people who are following a culture that’s based on customs for the well-being of society will be healthy.

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Students who receive much support from his family and friends will be able to do better in their academics. A sufficiently educated society will be aware of being healthy and will try to follow a healthy lifestyle.

But the fact is that the health care facilities provided by the government are not used by the public sufficiently. Lack of adequate latest facilities, medicines, etc. is the reason behind it. Besides good health care facilities must be available to the rural areas of the country. If better health care is available only to the urban people, then the rural people become unhealthy and less productive leading to an economic slowdown of a nation.

All these facts emphasize the need for better health in human life and how it will pave way for the comprehensive development of a society.

The Bottom Line

Health is the first wealth in human life and it’s a very important thing to have a better healthy environment like freshwater, food, sanitary facilities, etc. Health can be identified as the well being of both the body and the mind. A large portion of people in the world are still living in unhygienic conditions and suffer from malnutrition. They should be made aware of the need for better health.

The developed countries in the world and the whole society also have a responsibility to help those people who are unable to attain a better healthy lifestyle. Small changes in our concepts and lifestyles can bring better health in life.