There are some downright unfair myths and presumptions people have surrounding bidets. Seen at the same time as something very luxurious and bourgeois, while also unhygienic and messy, people have conflicting ideas about them. However, they are actually utilities that have been used for at least a couple of centuries. It is true, they have found their origins within the higher classes of French society, in the early 1700s. However, that doesn’t mean that only French aristocracy can use them. Nowadays, anyone can afford a bidet. They are cost-effective, practical, and can be found in a lot of stores anywhere.

The other myth, namely bidets being unhygienic, is also completely false. Bidets are actually, in some ways, more hygiene than toilet paper. You get a jet of warm water directed at your private area, helping you clean yourself with water, instead of using compressed wood shavings (i.e. TP). But, if you want to learn more on the benefits of bidets in terms of health, as well as some more info on how they work, just read on.

Feminine hygiene

Taking into account just how harmful many feminine products can be, as they contain a lot of chemicals, and how sensitive female private regions are, bidets can do wonders. Instead of irritating the vaginal opening with wiping, and irritating the urinary tract with feminine products, a bidet can handle everything by just using warm water. Sensitive areas can then be cleaned more thoroughly and with more safety.

Loose stool

One of the more annoying issues when suffering from diarrhoea is using toilet paper so often. This can seriously irritate your rectum, especially because diarrhoea itself can often irritate it on its own. However, a bidet can help you greatly alleviate this issue. Since you just have a jet of cool or warm water, you can clean the area easily, avoiding irritation through toilet paper.

Urinary tract infections

One of the main reasons urinary tract infections occur is due to how close the vaginal opening is to the anus. Quite often wiping leads to faecal bacteria coming into contact with the urinal opening of the vagina. By using a bidet, you can wash away all the problematic bacteria, and you won’t be in danger of actually spreading it around your private region.


Haemorrhoids are no joke, but understand that using a bidet means you can alleviate, and even prevent, this issue easily. Nowadays more and more people suffer from haemorrhoids. The common causes are poor dietary choices, sitting all day, and a lack of fibre in our diets.

Now, a bidet makes things easier in two ways. Using toilet paper can seriously irritate the haemorrhoids, it can make them much worse. It can even cause swelling and bleeding. But, a bidet can painlessly clean the entire area, with minimal to no wiping.

The second way a bidet can assist you with this issue is by helping you avoid many creams and ointments that can cause allergic reactions, discomfort, or that are just expensive on their own.


Constipation is not fun and, similar to haemorrhoids, is a result of poor dietary choices and busy and difficult lifestyles. However, the warm jet of water that comes out form a bidet can help alleviate these issues. Namely, the water that comes into contact with the rectum can help relax the muscles of the anus, which can make the occurrence of bowel movements easier.

Also, many bidets are adjustable in one way or another. Many have ways of strengthening or weakening the water pressure, meaning you can find just the right amount of power you need to help you with your constipation issues.

Assists people who need help

For some people, the actual way you use the bidet can help them take care of their personal hygiene, which they couldn’t do before due to their lines, injury, or simply old age. Namely, taking care of your own personal hygiene is one of the most important things for many elderly people, and for people with disabilities. Perhaps they just have a hard time cleaning themselves using regular means, while a bidet is a viable option.

Furthermore, it can do wonders for pregnant women as well. Due to their increased weight, and the changes that happen to their bodies, they can find it very difficult to maintain their personal hygiene. Furthermore, after delivery, their private areas will be very sensitive and painful, so the water provided by a bidet is a great alternative to toilet paper.


We hope we have dispelled some myths on bidets, and acutely explained to you just how useful they can be. Issues like constipation, urinary tract infections, haemorrhoids, these can all be nicely alleviated by bidets. Furthermore, they also help pregnant women, and anyone physically challenged in one way or another, to clean him or herself. Countries all around the world have been embracing bidets, and some have been using them for centuries. So, maybe it’s time you embraced them as well?