Having false teeth requires a lot of maintenance and effort. Proper care must be taken by cleaning it regularly and keeping it away from stains. For good denture you need to follow a few tips. These tips are as follow-

False teeth
False teeth
  • Always remove the teeth after eating. You should run water over the teeth in order to remove leftover food or any other minute particles. Ensure that you place a towel or a soft thick cloth in the sink so that the false teeth do not get into the drainage or break if you drop it by mistake.
  • Handle it with care as they are very fragile. Make sure that you do not damage the teeth while cleaning it. For this you can use soft hands so that it does not break.
  • Always clean your mouth after the teeth is removed. This ensures that all the food particles have been removed. It is suggested that you use a natural brush instead of the electronic ones. Natural brushes are softer and will clean your tongue well.
  •  You should brush your teeth on a regular basis in order to avoid any kind of fungi. You should soak the teeth and brush it with a soft brush in order to remove the food particles. Never use the teeth cleansers inside the mouth it will cause swelling of the gums.
  • Do not forget to soak the teeth overnight. You need to perform this step-in order to maintain the moist of the teeth and keep them in shape. You can even soak the teeth in water or teeth solution which are available in the market. Take suggestions of your personal dentist in order to keep your teeth and gums safe. Always read the manufacturer’s instruction before using the solutions.
  • Wash the teeth after soaking it overnight. If you have used a solution to soak then it is very necessary to wash it before putting it back in your mouth. The solutions are generally made of chemicals which might cause harm to the natural teeth as well as the gums. The harm might turn out to be a major one. So, remember to wash it every time.
  • Go for regular check-ups. Generally, the dentist suggests that you should visit them once a month. Nut it depends on person to person. Your own dentist will be able to recommend the period of visit after examining your condition. Your dentist is the person who has answer to all your teeth related problems. So, instead of looking for your own expertise you should go for a professional doctor. The doctor will be able to fit the teeth in a comfortable and healthy manner. If you feel that the false teeth are not fitting properly or the gums have become lose then you should immediately visit your dentist. This is because unfitted teeth cause lot of irritation and infection.
False Teeth
False Teeth

Only taking care of the false teeth would not be of any good if you do not avoid few dangerous things. The things which should be avoided are as follow:

  • Cleansers in the mouth, hard brushes, strong cleaning materials and inorganic toothpaste. All the materials mentioned here include harmful materials which can cause swelling of the gums or irritation.
  • Toothpastes which assure that they can turn your teeth white. Because these toothpastes contain a huge amount of harmful chemical.
  • Avoid drinking hot water as much as possible. Hot water can move the fixed teeth. So, it is suggested that your intake good amount of cold food such as ice cream, cold drinks and shakes.

So keep these in mind when taking care of your false teeth.