People who have gone very far in life have succeeded because they have built a path with edifying truths, solid habits, and active principles. Getting away in life is a direct result of the choices you take on the road and the way you acquire healthy habits and customs.

I’m sure you know how complicated it can be to get rid of the fat in your body. Many people fight doing the perfect abdominals, but that is not enough because the fat is still there.

Eliminating body fat and fast abdominal can be a difficult task, and you might think that even impossible, but there are some ways to get this goal more naturally.

The ways we are going to explain below will help you to reduce body fat and tone up those more problematic areas. So, if you’re curious to know these ways to remove body fat, keep reading…
Here we bring you today this list of 8 tried ways to harden the oblique abdominals and the lateral muscles of your hip.

You probably made tons of lateral abdominals, and it wasn’t enough.

Tricks to Lose Belly Fat more effectively

To achieve a flat and toned belly is the dream of any woman and to make it, most of the time it uses synthetic products or treatments that promise to eliminate the fat effectively in a matter of days. However, we must not forget the recommendation of all nutritionist that is to take adequate nourishment and to practice physical activity at the same time as the treatment.

Abdominal bicycle

This type of abdominals contracts more muscles and strengthens the muscles where fat usually settle.

Side push-ups

It is a variant of the iron and the pushups that burn more fats. Place your arm at an angle of 90 º (alternating between left and right arm) and lower your hip in a series of 10 or 12 repetitions before changing your arm.

The Planks

Keep your arms at an angle of 90 º, with your legs and your back completely straight. Hold the position for 30 seconds and repeat several times with intermediate breaks.

Iron + Ball

It is very similar to the standard plate but this time put your legs on a balancing ball and maintain stability. Combining this exercise with the standard plate ensures that you exercise all your abdominal muscles.

Avoid unnecessary calories

Reduce calories ingested help in your battle against fat. There are simple ways to reduce them slowly:

  • Avoid the whole milk in the coffee.
  • Remove the fried foods from your diet.
  • Avoid snacks.

Remove sugars from your diet

There are sufficiently delicious foods that are naturally sweet like fruits and vegetables. Your body handles these sugars better and is less likely to be stored in your body compared to refined sugars.

Healthy Fats

Eating healthy fats can be good, in fact, 30% of the daily intake of fats should be healthy. Fish and nuts are an excellent source of them.

Do some exercise

A sedentary lifestyle is hard to avoid when you are forced to sit for hours at work. If your boss lets you try to incorporate high desks to stand while you work. You will burn more calories on your feet and use your stabilizing muscles regularly.

A Bonus tip to remove belly fats

A super effective way that works to start fat loss in the belly is to use water with lemon, as it helps with the cleansing of the liver so that this organ can effectively perform their work to remove fat and eliminate toxins. This is useful in the first instance but requires more… before getting into any plan, you should check out your Body Mass Index using BMI Calculator.