Naveed Ganatra

When the tears aren’t able to provide enough amount of lubrication, an individual happens to suffer dry eye condition. Dry eyes occur not only when eyes don’t produce enough tears but also when it produces poor-quality tears – maybe less-lubricant ones.

It feels uncomfortable having dry eyes, and your eyes may even burn. Normally, people experience dry eye in situations like when they’re;

    •   In an air-conditioned room
    •   On an airplane
    •   Riding a bike
    •   Looking at a computer screen for hours

The right treatments can make you feel more comfortable. However, these treatments might include some lifestyle changes eye drops for dry eyes. And, you’ll have to get along with these initiatives in order to control or prevent these symptoms. Some Major Symptoms of Dry Eyes Include;

    •   Burning sensation in your eyes
    •   Stringy mucus
    •   Eye redness
    •   Sensitivity to light
    •   Experiencing Watery eyes
    •   Blurred vision
    •   The feeling of having something in eyes
    •   Not being able to wear contact lenses
    •   Having trouble driving at night

Causes of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes occur due to an inadequate amount or quality of tears. Our tears are a mixture of fatty oils, water, and mucus that helps make the surface of our eyes smooth & clear alongside protecting them from infection. The causes of dry eye syndrome vary from person-to-person. For some, it’s due to decreased tear production, but for others, it’s due to increased tear evaporation or perhaps sort of an imbalance in your tears makeup.

Less Tear Production

Dry eyes occur where there’s a lack of tear production in your eyes, and this condition is known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca. Significant causes of decreased tear production are;

  •   Aging process
  •   Medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, lupus, and thyroid disorders etc.
  •   Medications like decongestants, hormone replacement therapy, antihistamines,                               antidepressants, and drugs for high blood pressure etc.
  •   Tear gland damage due to inflammation.

Increased tear evaporation

Tear evaporation is also one of the significant yet common reasons for dry eye. But you know what causes increased tear evaporation? Here’s a few of them;
  •   Smoke or Dry air
  •   While concentrating, you happen to blink less often. It occurs when you’re reading, driving           or working at you PC.
  •   Problems with Eyelids like out-turning (ectropion) and in-turning (entropion)
  •   Imbalance in tear composition

As mentioned above, tears are a mixture of oil, water, and mucus. If something goes wrong with any of these layers, it can cause dry eyes. For instance; the layer of oil produced by small glands becomes clogged. And this is that state more common in people with inflammation along the edge of their eyelids – also known as Blepharitis and other skin disorders.


People having dry eyes will experience 3 difficulties:

Eye infections: Tears actually protect the surface of your eyes. If there’re inadequate tears, you might experience an increased risk of eye infection.
Eye Surface Damaged: If dry eyes are not treated and get severe, they will lead to eye inflammation, corneal ulcer & vision problems.
Quality of Life Affected: Dry eyes will have a huge negative impact on an individual’s day-to-day activities.


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