These days, knee replacement surgical procedure has become affordable and commonly availed by patients recommended by the best knee replacement surgeon in india. It is also a safe procedure for those experiencing severe osteoarthritis in the knee joint. Patients having end-stage knee arthritis can find it to be a boon.

Reasons for patients to choose knee surgery

There are various reasons for patients to undergo knee surgical procedure, some of which are given below:

  • Wide variety of implants: Advancements in medical science and technology has made it possible for knee implants to meet the specific requirements of the patients. Ranging from 360 and 180 degree motion to 3D printed knee implants, patients suffering from various types of severity of osteoarthritis can benefit from the procedure.
  • Increased affordability: Patients in huge numbers are able to avail knee implants and fulfil their specific needs. Implant costs have been decreasing significantly, allowing patients to avail this facility.
  • Enhanced outcome: No more is recommended open knee replacement. The introduction of new technologies do offer greater benefits to the patients and ensure positive results. the minimal invasive technology has ensured that surgical procedures are no more painful. Patients also can recover much faster and not require weeks of hospitalization like before.

However, with cost of surgical procedures being high in Western countries, patients are compelled to seek treatment elsewhere in the developing countries like India. Here, they can avail affordable knee surgery and enjoy leading a normal life.

Implant materials, Type and manufacturer

One can come across knee implants made from different kinds of materials to select from. Each one has been created with a specific purpose, being suitable for specific patient group. Older adults having implants allowing 100 degrees flexion are able to manage their day to day activities. Young adults however, will require high flex knee implant due to excessive activity level.

Some of the commonly used implants are titanium alloy, cobalt chromium alloy, polyethylene, and oxidized zirconium. But each implant material is known to have its own strengths and weaknesses that should be known in details, so as to avail the best one that is suitable for the pocket and meets the specific needs. They also vary in pricing, longevity, availability, and usage.

Surgery types

The patient is recommended to undergo partial or TKR knee replacement. The difference here lies in the part of the knee joint that is replaced while carrying out the procedure. With regards to TKR, recovery period and duration of hospitalization is much more when compared to partial replacement. Hence, the direct impact is noticed upon the total cost to be borne by the patient for the procedure.

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Hospital type

The best hospitals are known to offer patients with state of the art technologies and advanced infrastructure do charge a bit higher. But the treatment provided by them is completely safe and the outcome desirable. The qualifications associated with such hospitals do boast of having very high qualifications, are well trained and have excellent track records to prove their worthiness. Those hospitals located in central places and offer top quality facilities are quite expensive.

Experience of surgeons

Cost associated with knee surgery depends upon the surgeon’s experience. Those having vast experience in the field are undoubtedly sought after. It is proved scientifically that surgeons having performed over 50 TKR annually face lesser than 1/3rd complication rate when compared to the ones performing lesser than 50 TKR annually. A good number of patients prefer treatment from an experienced surgeon. However, the price is likely to be a bit high for the same.

Rehab cost

After surgery, rehab includes physiotherapy that is to be availed at additional expenses. Usually, the doctor recommends eligible patients to avail physiotherapy for about 6-12 weeks to get relief from pain and to enjoy better outcome. Every physical therapy session will cost an amount, which again depends upon the location of treatment. Rehab, definitely is a vital aspect associated with recovery after having the knee replacement surgery. Hence, patients should consider such expenses when planning the surgery.

Incidental expenses

Incidental costs might have to be borne by the patients for any complication that arises. Besides this, the costs might increase if duration of stay extends within the ICU setting, post-surgery.