Quick and easy diet, how to lose 5 kilograms in 5 days? Here are some handy tips and nutritional recommendations to help you lose weight for holidays or important events.

Very often we find it difficult to follow long and dangerous diets. Today we want to offer you a healthy, fast and balanced diet that will help you to lose weight in 5 days.

Unfortunately, a few days after the costume or the Christmas season, when the tables are always full of food and sweets, we can not feel fit or throw away several kilograms. Thus comes the need to get back on our feet and arrive at the desired date in perfect shape.

The diet we offer today allows you to lose weight, but at the same time, we can count on a healthy and balanced diet that does not create problems for our body.

Healthy and Fast Diet to Lose 5 kg in 5 Days


Breakfast: a glass of unsweetened fruit juice with 2 wholegrain crumbs;
Lunch: 150 g of prosciutto, 30 g whole grain bread, salad.
Dinner: A piece of roasted meat with salad, do not overdo it with butter.


Breakfast: a glass of fruit juice, a cup of barley coffee (sugar-free);
Lunch: mixed salad with boiled eggs and tuna;
Dinner: 80g of spaghetti with tomatoes and Parmesan.


Breakfast: a can of fat-free yogurt with cereals (preferably whole) and coffee (sugar-free);
Lunch: a bresaola dish seasoned with arugula and parmesan, with a sandwich;
Dinner: Oven-cooked fish or, if you prefer, grilled vegetables and spicy vegetables.


Breakfast: Fresh fruit juice and 3 wholegrain slices with jam;
Lunch: Vegetable mix with a little spice and popsicles;
Dinner: boiled egg and 2 bruschettas with butter and tomatoes, if you prefer.


Breakfast: coffee accompanied by 2 wholemeal crackers;
Lunch: a piece of pizza and finally fruit;
Dinner: a piece of white meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit) and a side dish of lightly spiced salad.

Rules to follow to lose weight

Avoid sugar, honey or stevia. Avoid salt, you can use spices or lemon juice instead. In the middle of the morning and in the middle of the day you can eat two fruits of your choice. Try to do the walking, just 20 minutes on foot per day, to improve heart health, these activities will support your body and help you burn calories.

Maintenance Phase, how not to recover the lost kg

You can always follow the maintenance program, which is an example of a proper and balanced diet that you can follow every day.

Here is an example of a typical day:

Just wake up: a glass of water with half a lemon juice

Breakfast: a cup of milk or tea with lemon and honey, two wholegrain crackers with jam.

Snacks (morning and afternoon): fresh fruit or juices.

Lunch: 80 g noodles with tomato sauce, salad.

Dinner: 150 g roasted or steamed meat or fish, boiled or steamed vegetables with oil and lemon, a slice of wholemeal bread.

Try to drink at least 2 liters of water per day during the diet. If you are suddenly hungry, try to eat raw fruits or vegetables or herbal tea. If you combine exercise with running, brisk walking or swimming, you will get even better results.