Often we like to spend time in a friendly company, but from time to time we need loneliness. This is necessary in order for our psyche to work normally and our personality to develop.

Do you agree that not only the body should be healthy, but also the brain responsible for our mental functions? Today we will talk about 5 habits, which, unfortunately, do not benefit the brain. The normal work of the brain underlies us, as they say, clear consciousness and our ability to make decisions. The work of the brain is influenced by various factors, both biological and psychological.

A little bit about the psyche

Psychologists distinguish different mental functions. Let’s name some of them:

  • Thinking
  • Consciousness
  • Memory
  • Perception

Mind, consciousness is inherent in man,  but other mental functions are inherent in some animals.

There are also various mental processes and states of consciousness (and subconscious). These include desires, beliefs, feelings, feelings, emotions …

Much in the psyche remains a mystery to scientists, many phenomena and phenomena associated with it have not yet received a scientific explanation.

But it is clear that serious mental disorders make a person, as they say, incapable.

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What does not benefit the brain at all?

Some bad habits not only badly affect the entire body but also adversely affect the state of mind.

When a person cannot concentrate, when he is constantly in a bad mood or he feels tired for no apparent reason, obviously his mental state leaves much to be desired.

We list the habits that do not benefit the human brain.

1. Cover your head while sleeping

Many have this habit. It often occurs in childhood. Children thus try to “hide” from their fears.

As adults, they continue to sleep like this and even claim that they sleep better this way.

Sleeping with your head, partially or completely, leads to a lack of oxygen in the blood, and this worsens the state of the brain.

2. To live with toxic people

Many people get used to living with, to put it mildly, unpleasant, aggressive-minded people. With people who do not bring anything good into the lives of others.

The problem is not only that it poisons their lives.

This is reflected in their psyche, their feelings, emotions. and other processes.

3. Avoid loneliness

The phrase “all harmful excesses” refers to human relations.

Communication with others, friendships are necessary for the development of personality and intelligence, as well as for mental health.

But loneliness is also necessary for man. It is necessary for self-knowledge, for reflection and personal growth.

Regular and “dosed” loneliness helps keep the brain in good condition.

Do not avoid loneliness, it is bad for mental health!

4. Too much use of mobile devices.

Speaking of “excesses”, one can not say about the use of mobile phones and other mobile devices. Often they use too much.

Then this habit becomes addictive. People constantly look at social networks to see “what’s new there” and participate in rather meaningless discussions and debates.

This worsens the state of the nervous system and does not benefit the brain.

Do not have breakfast

Breakfast is very important for the day to start and go well. It is important to remember that at night our body receives no energy.

Therefore, we can not miss the morning meal.

If we do this, we worsen the state of our psyche (and physical condition, of course) and increase the risk of problems with the vessels of the brain.