A fistula is an infection which comes while tear or cut the skin near the anus area which is typical for the women while giving birth to the baby. It forms mostly with an abscess that the pus stock inside of your body. This fistula may discomfort by filling with body solutions such as urine, stool, which stops healing. There are many types of fistula with a different purpose which creates uncomfortable while sitting or during a bowel movement. Moreover, the best piles hospital in Hyderabad are more to take any procedures related to a fistula.

Symptoms for Fistula:

The signs may be different that depends upon the fistula types you have got. Yes, for external fistulas cause you will appear below symptoms:

  • You will be getting abdominal pain severely.
  • Whereas, you will experience extreme bowel obstruction.
  • A person who affects with Fistula suffers from fever.
  • It may raise white blood cell count

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At the same time, people who suffer from internal fistulas will experience with below symptoms:

  • The person effects from diarrhea.
  • Sometimes rectal bleeding occurs due to internal fistulas.
  • A bloodstream infection or sepsis occurs due to some bacterial infections.
  • Dehydration can also form due to drinking less water.
  • You may get itching which irritates more compared to other problems.


Fistulas usually diagnosed through the use of a physical test, including CT scan, and many another test like colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, barium enema, etc.  If you want to learn more information about this diagnosed read below information.

Colonoscopy: Well, this will be used to screen the colon cancer or any other reason to prevent it very soon before it attacks with a severe problem. After completing the test, the doctor will observe that on the TV camera which is called a colonoscopy. That will be injected into the rectum and threaded through the colon to look for any confirmation of cancer, ulcers, polyps, and more. If any issues occurred, like precancerous polyps, colon cancer, or other concerns, like inflammatory bowel disease. They would be ready to treat as soon as possible.

Upper Endoscopy:  The upper endoscopy is an invasive diagnostic test that reflects the stomach, esophagus, and upper portion of the small intestine — the use of a fiber-optic endoscope to elastic tube provided with a camera to see everything happening inside of the body.  

Barium Enema: A barium enema also called as lower gastrointestinal (GI). It is the procedure in which a liquid including barium sulfate inserted to the rectum to get high-contrast X-ray pictures of the large intestine. Well, it also uses another technique called fluoroscopy which supports to produce videos in real time.

You can also take laser treatment for fistula in Hyderabad which provides you with the best prices, and you can search for more information in piles hospital near me location. So that you can go any time you get pain or anything happens after the treatment.

Conclusion: If you are suffering from anything from this fistula you can make it cure in very less duration. And for more information, you can take a look at this article which makes you inspired to treat if you are suffering from these diseases.