The only way to treat hernia is through surgery. There are three kinds of surgery available to treat a hernia. Your doctor will decide which operation is the best for you. While getting a hernia repair surgery, you will find these kinds of procedures, namely, open hernia repair surgery, laparoscopic hernia surgery, and robotic hernia repair surgery. Depending on the condition of your hernia, you will be suggested to get anyone kind of operation.

How is open hernia repair surgery performed?

A hernia is treated when the bulging ‘sac’ containing the intestine is identified. In this kind of surgery, the doctor makes a cut or incision in your groin. The surgeon then identifies the hernia and pushes it back into your abdomen. The abdomen wall in then strengthened by stitches or with the help of a synthetic mesh. You will be able to go home after a few hours of the surgery. Within a few days, you will be back on your feet, Though strenuous activity and exercises are not allowed after six weeks of the operation.

How is a laparoscopic hernia repair surgery performed?

Laparoscopic hernia repair surgery Texas is the least invasive surgery available for hernia repair. During this process, a small incision is made near your belly button is also known as the umbilicus. Then a thin telescopic tube-like instrument is put inside the incision. Carbon dioxide gas is passed through the tube, which in turn pumps up your abdomen. Your surgeon will then have a clear view of your internal organs.

Your doctor then cuts the inner lining of your stomach to expose the weakness happening on the wall of the abdomen. A mesh is placed on the wall to strengthen the tissue. You will be feeling nothing during this surgery. After completion of this process, the minuscule incision made near your navel is covered by surgical tape. After a few months, the marks will disappear altogether. You can get back to work after a few days, unlike open hernia repair surgery.

How is robotic hernia repair surgery performed?

This surgery is similar to the laparoscopic surgery, but the main difference between these two surgeries is that your surgeon will complete this procedure by sitting at a console in an operating room and will handle the instruments for the surgery right from the console. Earlier robotic hernia repair surgery was used to repair smaller hernias, but now it is also used for the reconstruction of the abdominal wall.

Another critical difference between the previous operation and this is that the robot provides crystal clear three-dimensional view of the abdomen’s inside. You will have a non-existent scar after the completion of this surgery. The surgery also very less painful compared to the open hernia repair surgery.

When getting hernia surgery, make sure to inform your doctor about your lifestyle. Regardless of the size of your hernia, notify the surgeon of your work schedule and your availability. Because your doctor will decide on what kind of surgery will you be getting depending on your fitness and your lifestyle.

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