The last couple of years have witnessed advancements being made in arthroscopic surgical field. the use of latest techniques and sate of the art gadgets have made it possible for the qualified and talented surgeons to create smaller incisions using less tissue dissection as well as ensure higher success rate. Besides low Shoulder Arthroscopy Cost in India, patients are able to enjoy faster recovery and face less trouble.

About Arthroscopy

Orthopedic surgeons use this surgical procedure to diagnose, view and treat all types of problems that are identified within the joint region. The term is derived from a Greek word ‘arthro’ meaning joint & ‘skopein’ meaning to look. When examination finds issues, a tiny incision is created by the surgeon in the patient’s skin prior to inserting the miniature instrument which comprises of small lens and a lighting system. It helps to view what is inside the joint, as its structures get illuminated and magnified.

Fiber optics helps to transmit light at the arthroscope end. The surgeon is able to view the joint’s interior portion through the television camera attached and inserted into the tiny incision. Surgeon can then inspect the ligaments and cartilage and also get to view what is beneath the kneecap. The experienced surgeon can easily and accurately diagnose the problems and fix them. Smaller incisions will mean less damage caused and faster recovery time.

How this surgery is performed?

Although arthroscopic surgery is found to be much easier when compared to open surgery on the body, still anesthesia is given to the patient, depending upon the surgical site. A tiny incision is created to insert the arthroscope. Several other incisions are created to view the other joint areas or for inserting more instruments.

Previously, it was the only arthroscope that was used to plan the open surgery. With improvements being made in surgical instrumentation and techniques, there are increasing medical conditions which could now be provided proper treatment with arthroscopic surgery. Most meniscal tears can be treated with this surgical procedure.


On successful completion of the procedure, dressing is done over the incision to cover it and ensure it is infection-free. Then the patient is headed to the recovery room. Pain medication is not required for the majority of the patients. Prior to getting discharged, the surgeon will provide all necessary details on what to be done and avoided to take care of the incision. Also will be suggested some exercises that need to be performed to enjoy a quick recovery. The tiny wounds made in the body in the form of incisions take very less time to heal. The dressing is removed generally after a day of the procedure and in its place are used adhesive strips. Some pain could be experienced after the surgery and the wounds may heal quickly. But for 100% joint recovery, it will take some time and performing of some exercises as prescribed by the physician.

A rehab program is prescribed to patients and designed to quicken up the recovery process. Even though one can enjoy incredible results from this surgical procedure, exact recovery time, however, cannot be specified. People who already enjoy good physical health are likely to recover much faster when compared to those who lead a lethargic life.

History of Arthroscopy

Since the last century, there have been witnessed rapid advancements made in medical science and used of gadgets and devices. Arthroscopic surgical procedure is not something new as the first instance is said to have occurred way back in 1918. Arthroscopy was performed back then by Professor Kenji Takagi using cystoscope on cadaver knee. During the 1950s, Takagi’s student, Dr. Masaki Watanabe is said to have contributed immensely to enhance this particular surgical field. He had developed arthroscopes to inspect joints. During this time, arthroscopes were being used on live patients by Dr. Eugene Bircher in the U.S., whose results had been published. It became possible during the 1980s to use arthroscopes for different types of surgical procedures. Also were developed numerous techniques to advance medical science and treatment. Knee and shoulder joints are stated to have benefitted from the procedure immensely. Reasonably priced Shoulder Arthroscopy Cost in India has been helping patients to enjoy the top quality surgical procedure and faster recovery.

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