The human body is structured of different types of organs, tissues, cells, blood, and nerve system. If you want to eat something which is a little hard in nature like fruits, vegetables, fast foods, and many more eatable things, for that body have teeth in the mouth. Teeth are the most important and strong parts of the body. Which are used for chewing, eat food even teeth also plays the most important role to talk to any person.

Teeth have required too much dental care because it is the initial source of the body which you eat something else if you want to eat something you will sense the food which is hard and soft. So for healthy teeth do some steps like brush your teeth two times a day, avoid harmful foods and visit a dentist twice in a year.

There are lots of teeth disease occurs during the teeth are growing in the kids.

  • Teeth problems occur in the kids like thumb sucking, according to kids dentists it is not a big problem to suck a thumb, thumb sucking provides the sense about emotional comfort and sense of security. But if a child sucks thumb beyond the age of 5, because at this age the permanent teeth occur in the kids’ mouth and that time this problem creates the problem like an alignment of the teeth, an overbite issue and causing the protrude.
  • Another problem occurs in kids’ teeth which is tongue thrusting, it is similar to sucking of thumb but in this problem, kid presses his tongue to their forward teeth which are known as an overbite. Lip sucking is also a major disease in kids because many kids suck their upper lips and lower lips continuously with their front teeth and the same overbite problem occurs like in thumb sucking.

During the age of the kids, one of the most diseases occurs which is known as Buck Teeth. In this disease length of the front two teeth is more than the remaining in the kids’ mouth. It similarly looks like rabbit’s teeth. This disease causes different types of sources like genetics, heredity, thumb sucking and physical features. Even though different childhood habits also the cause of this problem. In the buck teeth, the size of the teeth is larger than the permanent teeth in the mouth and they are out of line or they need adjusting it.

  • Buck teeth are caused by unbalanced jaw size, it means if the lower jaw of the mouth not balanced on the right place or it is disproportionately small in size. Then the upper jaw is out the lower jaw, therefore, the teeth look like buck teeth.
  • Another major issue for this disease is a habit. There is one of the serious habits occur this type of problem which is sucking of thumb. Thumb sucking is good for the kids because they sense the things which are good or not and also the taste of food like sweet, sour and bitter anything else.
  • In the thumb sucking actually, cause the alignment issue of the teeth. Alignment of teeth like space between teeth and crowding of the teeth in the front of the teeth. Even missing of teeth also affect the alignment of the teeth to shift the remaining teeth and affect the positioning of the front teeth.

Treatment of the buck teeth is possible on a reasonable clinic budget. If any of the symptoms occur in your kid’s mouth, the first step to concern with kids dentists in your nearest kids dental clinic, and the dentist examines all the issue and suggest to the best treatment.

In this disease,

  • The first treatment is bracing the teeth. In the braces treatment lock kid’s teeth with traditional wire braces and readjust the positioning of the front teeth.
  • The next treatment is known as the palate expansion, in this treatment, the upper jaw of the kid is too small and tries to align with the teeth line.
  • Another treatment is known as Invisalign treatment, it can be used in teenagers and adults to treat minor malocclusions. It is a bit costly as compare to braces treatment.
  • And the most successful treatment of this problem is the surgery of the jaws. It resolves several issues in this disease. And too much helpful to overcome from buck teeth problem.

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