Touted as one of the best gin countries globally, Australia has experienced a sort of renaissance with the revival and popularisation of this drink. The gin-drinking average rate skyrocketed here from 7.4% to 9.0% in a short span of years. This also explains the resurgence of new and upcoming breweries and distilleries in the country. With the modern Australian gin peaking new heights with its innovation and experimentation, gin is truly in the skin here! This is because it is so much more than just a feel-good alcoholic drink.

Listed below are some proven health benefits of gin:

Apt Antioxidant

Juniper berries are known to be loaded with antioxidant properties that can work wonders for your skin. A recent study has also suggested that these berries carry nearly the same antioxidant properties as tea tree oil! You certainly don’t have to switch your anti-aging cream with a bottle of gin, though you can merrily enjoy your gin drink knowing that it is silently working to resist signs of ageing or any skin inflammation. Why wouldn’t you want to gulp down a smooth glass knowing that this wonder drink not only makes you feel great but also makes you appear good?!

Good for Digestion

Gin is widely considered a smooth drink (though cocktail combinations even matter) that causes no harm to your tummy, unlike most other alcoholic spirits. In fact, it does the exact opposite. It prepares your system for an easy digestion process. It is not surprising to know that this drink is served as an aperitif in some cultures across the world. Having a glass of gin before your meal can ensure easy digestion, zero acidity, and open your taste buds to appreciate the flavors of food better.

Limited Calorie Count

You don’t want to gulp guilt while you enjoy your alcoholic drinks. But most spirits come loaded with their share of calories that can quickly help you put on those extra pounds. However, that is not the case with gins! They are known to be one of the most calorie-deficit drinks out there. You can enjoy them minus any bloating, uneasiness, or nausea. If anything, the juniper berries aid in breaking the food enzymes and making your stomach post drink, settled and ready. However, mixing gin with other tonics or cocktails does not guarantee a limited calorie intake. So you can either find a spot-on brand or gulp it down neat.

Cures Cough

The culture of enjoying spirits in Australia is pretty vibrant. The countless breweries and distilleries are a testament to this fact. Moreover, the country also houses some award-winning ones. So experimenting with a modern Australian gin can do you more good than you can imagine. Carefully crafted gins using handpicked juniper berries have their benefits. The leading one is that the oils in these berries are an effective cure against cough and cold. Well, if you thought only brandy could do that, think again! You could mix a small quantity of the drink in lukewarm water, add herbs and ginger if you like, and you’re through.

Apart from the health benefits mentioned above, gin is one of the few drinks people with diabetes can enjoy without compromising their health. Besides, it can also safeguard you from any kidney or liver-related diseases. With so much to win for your health, a little sip of gin is worth it!