There are several things that we prepare for in life. For most of the population, MRI scans are rarely on the list. That is why it’s okay to feel anxious when you get that recommendation for an MRI scan from your doctor. However, you do not have to wrack your brain anticipating what is to come if you are well prepared physically and mentally. Here is how you can prepare for an MRI scan:

Keep your metal jewelry at home

When getting ready on the day of the MRI, it is best to skip out on the jewelry. Having metal on you is a no during an MRI scan. That is because the MRI machines are basically giant magnets. There is no need to go through the hassle of stripping your expensive jewelry at the hospital and risk losing some valuable pieces.

Be open with your doctor about any conditions

You need to be honest with your doctor about any conditions you have that may require some modifications to the MRI procedure. For instance, your doctor needs to know if you have metal implants in your body that may cause an issue with the MRI machines. Inform your doctor of any history of diabetes, kidney disease, or if you are pregnant.

Notify them of any shrapnel present in your body or cochlear implants. Do not be afraid to ask your doctor for a list of conditions that would make it unsafe to perform the MRI. You and your doctor should prioritize discussing your medical history to keep you safe. It is a crucial part of the MRI prep stage.

Ask your doctor for help to ease your claustrophobia

MRI scans can be a nightmare for people with claustrophobia. The procedure takes place inside an enclosed, tube-shaped machine, and you may be there for even an hour. That could result in a great deal of anxiety for people uncomfortable in cramped spaces. Ask your doctor to suggest ways to ease your nerves leading up to the procedure.

Your doctor may suggest deep breathing exercises to help you or prescribe medication before the MRI. Also, doing the MRI in a facility near you that prioritizes quality services will help you feel safe and less anxious. If you are in LA, for example, consider MRI services by Optima Diagnostic Imaging to enjoy quality services that will help calm your anxiety.

Secure a ride home

Usually, you should be able to get on with your daily activities immediately after the MRI scan. However, there are instances when the doctor issues you a sedative. If you are on sedatives, you might want to secure a ride home. Operating heavy machinery and driving after having sedatives is not safe. So, take some time and relax after taking the scan.

Final remarks

It is normal to feel anxious when your doctor recommends an MRI scan. There is, however, no need to be frightened. The procedure is generally painless and less scary. It also helps to prepare yourself mentally to ease your nervousness. It allows you to face the MRI with confidence.