Oranges are perhaps the most popular fruit on the market. This, not an undeserved status, because they are not only very delicious and refreshing – the health benefits of oranges are significant for the human body. They are most famous for the high concentration of vitamin C, making them an inevitable part of the winter nutrition. And because they are very popular and you probably consume oranges a lot, here’s something botanically you should know: they are a citrus fruit that belongs to the botanical family Rutaceae of the genus Citrus. The Latin name of oranges is Citrus sinensis.

History of oranges

People knew about the health benefits of oranges for a very long time. The fruit originates from Asia and it is most likely that it was cultivated first in southern China or northern India. Both these regions were cultivating many different varieties of oranges. People of the Roman Empire tasted this magnificent fruit in the 1st century BC, thanks to the traders from Persia. Romans brought the fruit to North Africa, then the Islamic rulers who dominated that region during the 7th century spread the healthy fruit in the Middle East, and the Portuguese traders brought the fruit to Europe in the 16th century BC. Oranges were introduced to America by the Spanish explorers in the 15th century AD. The fruit was very popular among the sailors because they needed the vitamin C to help the body fight scurvy. They were an expensive fruit and not everyone could enjoy the health benefits of oranges up until modern times, but now oranges are everywhere around, they are affordable so try to eat at least one orange a day.

Health benefits of oranges

Everybody knows this, but it is inevitable to mention when talking about the health benefits of oranges: they contain a lot of vitamin C. One orange satisfies almost 100% of the recommended daily needs of vitamin C. The orange fruit is also an excellent way to supply your body with dietary fiber, which is very good for the digestive system and if you are experiencing constipation, don’t reach out for the artificial medicine and eat an orange instead. Try not to throw away all of the white matter under the orange peel, because bioflavonoids and other precious ingredients that prevent cancer are concentrated in it. Oranges are also a healthy source of vitamin A and the group of B vitamins. Many other ingredients such as amino acids, potassium, iodine, beta-carotene, zinc, iron and more, are yet another addition to the health benefits of oranges.

A powerful gift of Nature

Nature has provided a healthy and tasty medication for us. The health benefits of oranges help reduce the risk of heart disease; the magnesium and hesperidin in their composition help in the regulation of high blood pressure; the vitamin B6 is very important for a proper blood circulation; the calcium strengthens the bones and teeth; antioxidants are very important for a healthy and beautiful skin; the vitamin C improves the immune system and protects the body against viral infections… we could go on and on. In fewer words – the health benefits of oranges are priceless and contribute to overall improvement of the health and proper functions of the body.  follow more health blog such as what are the symptoms of HIV aids?